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Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine megarate

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1. Each song can be rated between 0 and 10.
2. Only one song must have a “10". You can rate any song any other song between 0-9
3. You have to rate every song.
4. Optional but you can leave comments on whichever song(s) you'd like.

☀️Important Dates☀️


Deadline for rates: March 20, 2024 at 5pm GMT
Results show: March 23, 2024 at 5pm GMT (Unless stated otherwise)

☀️More Info☀️


If interested, you can sign up in the thread below. You can send your rates to me via my PM. If you have any questions or concerns then you can either message me in this thread or PM me.


 ☀️PM Friendly List☀️


intro (end of the world)


don't wanna break up again

Saturn Returns Interlude

eternal sunshine


true story

the boy is mine

yes, and?

we can't be friends (wait for your love)

i wish i hated you

imperfect for you

ordinary things


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10 hours ago, Chris said:

im in but does someone wanna post a PM friendly list i really dont feel like typing it all out myself ny4

Added jj2

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1 hour ago, Physical said:

Omg count me in, get me on that taglist!

Who is that in your avi? jj2


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14 hours ago, Kristina said:

Wait, only one song can have a 10?

Yes (you already send but quoting anyways lmao)

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☀️Rules☀️ ☀️Important Dates☀️ ☀️More Info☀️ ☀️Taglist☀️  ☀️PM Friendly List☀️  

Ok so here's what I'll do, after this no more extensions. @Luca @fab & @God Of Lyrics, I'll give you guys until 8pm GMT tomorrow to send it in. Everyone else, I'll be hosting the result show on Su

I forgot to change the pic for this so pretend it's something else 

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