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Lana promotes Camila's new single

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Camila Cabello is about to kick off a fresh chapter in her musical saga. And this time around, it will be more than just an album drop. The upcoming project will be a heartfelt tribute to her origins and a colorful celebration of Miami's culture. Much more than just music, it will be a complete reimagining of the artist herself, as evidenced by her move of hitting the reset button on her Instagram feed ahead of this new era. 


What really came as a surprise was, however, a recent shoutout from none other than Lana Del Rey, a musical titan with whom Cabello was once rumored to have had a bit of a spat.

For quite some time, Camila Cabello has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats with teasers for her upcoming musical era. From sending out mysterious postcards to her die-hard supporters, to dropping hints that it is arriving "sooner than you think," Cabello has been masterfully building anticipation for what can be a chartbuster release. And now, Lana Del Rey has jumped on board to help promote the album as well. She recently took to Instagram to share a handful of snaps featuring the 'Havana' hitmaker, captioned simply with "i luv it".

In the year 2019, fans accused Lana Del Rey of throwing shade at Camila Cabello with a comment. 

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