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Dennis Reynolds

The Top Answer Game - Round 1: Results Show

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Just now, Royale said:

If Chris let me win the next question, Kesha will have a comeback

shes already been teasing one since January 1st ny1 

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Just now, Royale said:

And that's why she hasn't dropped. Because you won the question ari6

nah shes probably waiting for after Taylor's album to drop this friday.

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Just now, Dennis Reynolds said:

That was way faster than I thought it would be dead1 but yes, Ayo indeed! Another 3 for you and Kesha is apparently never making a comeback under Royale's power bebe1 



it was the FIRST result on both google and google images lmfao1 

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Just now, Royale said:

Good luck with that Friday you speak of! bey11

i said after the taylor album that is out on friday mad5 

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1 minute ago, Kristina said:

I’ve never heard of her rip2

She was in a bunch of movies last year bebe1 Also one of the main characters on FX's The Bear, and this forum's demographic may know her for mocking Jennifer Lopez on a podcast and then years later having to be in an SNL episode with her bebe1 

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