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Dennis Reynolds

The Top Answer Game - Round 2: Results Show

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Just now, Dennis Reynolds said:

Correctamundo! brit16 I am more than a bit creeped out by mannequins brit9 the first three bonus points are yours!

thank you legend brit16 

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Just now, Dennis Reynolds said:

3. Name a hobby that an old person might have

Knitting – 7

Watching TV – 1

Play Bingo – 1

Reading – 1



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Just now, Kylie said:

Why did I say disco stick? gaga1 

Well the disco stick of my last Grindr date was truly a weapon Idk

Get it sis gaga1

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1. Name something you could do on a flight to pass the time Watch movies – 4 Sleep – 4 Play a videogame – 1 Read a book – 1  

Welcome to Round 2 of The Top Answer Game!   It will last for roughly an hour. 10 people have sent me their answers for this round, and I will reveal the answers of each question individuall

I thought everyone would say humans  

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