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Dennis Reynolds

The Top Answer Game - Round 2: Results Show

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1 minute ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

7. Name something that you might find under the bed

Dust / Dust bunnies – 4

Socks – 2

The floor – 1

Shoes – 1

Toys – 1

Dirty clothes – 1



Clean your bedrooms ny1 

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Just now, Chris said:

ive been getting the top answer almost every question this round brit16 

So you're just pretending to flop every time and magically appears near the top spot at the end of each round?brit16

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3 minutes ago, Chris said:

i have an iphone that has shazam factory installed in the drop down with the brightness and volume, etc buttons bebe1 

I have no idea what that is but we do not appreciate your commitment jj2

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Just now, Royale said:

On a gay pop forum with a H*W section? oh honey you must know your audience moo12

but i dont see sex as a sin moo12 

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