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Dennis Reynolds

Bette Midler regrets not suing 14-year-old Lindsay Lohan over leaving her sitcom

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BETTE Midler has admitted to wishing she would have sued 14-year-old Lindsay Lohan after the film star backed out of the singer's show.

The Hocus Pocus actress spoke about regretting not suing Lindsay, now 37, during her recent appearance on David Duchovny’s Fail Better podcast.

During the episode, Bette, 78, reflected on some of her career failures, one of which she revealed was not "asserting” herself when a teenaged Lindsay backed out of her sitcom Bette.

Bette premiered on CBS in 2000, lasting only 18 episodes before it was ultimately canceled after one season. 

Lohan signed on to play Bette's daughter in the comedy series, appearing in just the pilot episode before backing out to pursue other opportunities.

The Herbie: Fully Loaded star was replaced with actress Marina Malota but according to Bette, Lindsay's exit threw the production into a tailspin.

She told David, “Lindsay Lohan was cast as my daughter in the pilot.

The First Wives Club star continued, “Well, after the pilot, Lindsay Lohan decided she didn’t want to do it, or she had other fish to fry. So Lindsay Lohan left the building - and I said, ‘Well, now what do you do?’”

The X-Files actor mentioned that Lindsay's contract should have stopped her from leaving the show or at least provided consequences for her doing so.

Bette replied, "If I had been in my right mind, or if I had known that my duties were to stand up and say, ‘This absolutely will not do, I’m gonna sue,’ then I would have done that."



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2 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

Lamenting that you didn’t sue a child over twenty years ago is kind of a weird flex but OK nicki5 

ikr wtf 

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Pilot actors often just get a contract to do a pilot episode. If the studio producers “like” the cast, then they get a new season contract. Often Pilot actors are switched out before production starts - but seriously, there’s a reason why Bette didn’t last more than one season eve1


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Lamenting that you didn’t sue a child over twenty years ago is kind of a weird flex but OK  

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