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Dennis Reynolds

The Top Answer Game - Round 5 (Finale): Results Show

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Welcome to Round 5, the finale of this season of The Top Answer Game!


It will last for roughly two hours. 10 people have sent me their answers for this round, and I will reveal the answers of each question individually, and after every 2 questions, there will also be a bonus question. Whoever first answers the question correctly will have +3 points added to their score.


This is also the third round in which players have been allowed to choose one special answer.



1. Name a type of milk that doesn't come from a cow

2. Name something that France is famous for

3. Name a person you would expect to meet in Hell

4. Name something you might try to make in a pottery class

5. Name the best celebrity Chris

6. Name something that a germophobe wouldn't want in their house

7. If you like piña coladas, what else might you like?

8. Name a space in the board game Monopoly

9. Name a sidekick

10. Name a type of currency other than dollars

11. Name a fictional alien that is friendly

12. Name a popular Gen Z celebrity

13. Name something you associate with samurai

14. Name an animal that is black and white

15. Who will win this season of The Top Answer Game?





@Chris @Shego @Royale @Jae @Entea @Autumn Variations @Kristina @Gabe. @Kylie @fab


Let's do this one last time! brit16 



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1 minute ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

1. Name a type of milk that doesn't come from a cow

Oat – 4

Goat – 2

Almond – 2

Soy – 1

Human/Breast milk – 1

How Oat Milk Became Generation Z's Status Symbol – By Jennifer Adams

Can I change my answer pls?

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I tried using image deblur and this is what I got      

5. Name the best celebrity Chris Chris Evans – 6 (Special Answer: Autumn Variations) Chris Hemsworth – 3 Chris Pratt – 1  

15. Who will win this season of The Top Answer Game? Kristina / Kristina (that bitch  ) – 7 Royale / Royale (this bitch omfg  ) – 2 Jae baby – 1  

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