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Eurovision 2024 Megarate | #1 Switzerland, #2 Lithuania, #3 France

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Just now, Chris said:

i would have preferred UA out sooner mad5 

Ukraine was definitely elevated by its performance tbh tenor.gif 

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ua.webp #4(-1*) | Ukraine | 7.83 ua.webp

*Ranked #3 at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024



Individual Scores: Simón. (11), Kristina (10), fab (10), Entea (7), StrippedX (6), Chris (3)

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Just now, Royale said:

No taste confirmed !

from the clips i saw, France has voice cracks consistently throughout the performance.

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fr.webp #3(+1*) | France | 8.22 fr.webp

*Ranked #4 at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024



Individual Scores: StrippedX (11), Kristina (10), Entea (10), fab (8), Chris (5.3), Simón. (5)

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Ukraine has been delivering great songs consistently tbh!! It’s so good. The opening of the song is so similar to the song Kalush Orchestra won with though

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