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FOTPVision 2024 | Sign-Ups [Closed]

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9 hours ago, Kristina said:

Yay!! I’ll go with Norway

7 hours ago, Lynk said:

I was honestly worried someone picked the UK ari11

Gimme the UK lmao ari5

6 hours ago, Metric said:

Gimme Argentina

Added, don't forget to send me your songs jj2

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1 hour ago, Max said:

Arts not the charts, Germany kylie6

1 hour ago, Gabe. said:

come through Romaniaaaaa

Added jj2

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1 hour ago, Atlantis Princess said:

Oh ?  Pour quoi? mad2

47 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

He wants Monsieur @Royale to join bebe1  

Nah, I can't decide on a song rip4

It's a bonus if he joins though bebe1

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5 minutes ago, Diego said:

@Entea question, odes it has to be a new song or can it be like and old son g (from 2007) lol 

There's no restrictions for that jj2

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1 hour ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

I sent my song on June 1st though? bebe1 Just double checked and I did do it.

Let's just forget this whole convo bebe1

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Hi FOTPVisoners, I hope you all can make it to the First Semi-Final where I go through all the songs that are competing in this semi-final. The live show is happening today at 8PM CET: https://www.tic

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He wants Monsieur @Royale to join   

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