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Chantoya Jo Jackson

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Everynight I sleep with my earphones. maisy Although last time I was sleeping I must have stretched in my sleep because I woke up with ripped earphones. rih1

It was okay though because I had a spare. gaga16

I always try to keep spares. There's nothing

worse than having your ipod with no working earbuds/earphones cry4.gif' alt='cry3'>

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I hate when some lyrics are stuck in my head but I don't know which song it actually is. It usually happens to me when I am not able to google it. rih3


here's an answer to your problems

In the search box there's a pull down menu and one of the options is 'lyrics'. Just type in the words that are stuck in your head and it should find it for you :) but you have to know enough words so you wont have to scroll through 50+ pages of song results +laughcry+

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Guest runaway.
IKR it's amazing cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1cry1

Nobody's Home is legendary +legend+

Oh god, I could cry right now. cry4.gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>

So many beautiful memories are related to all these songs.

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This song is my favorite from her     Its about losing your mother        

no, it's about her grandmother written from the perspective of her mother  

A Message is THAT song  Not here for this slander     But Gomenasai and All The Way Down are certified BOPS.     You have to check her mixtape like @Iris said + her two new songs f

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