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Cute kii


What is she doing right now? Her single or smth? It's so hard to catch up with everything fall3.gif' alt='fall2'>


Who knows fall3.gif' alt='fall2'> Brave is finally getting a single release in the UK so hopefully she will come and promo it here bey6

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Today's been such a wacky day with music for me. Well for one there's the salvage of Iggy's album. Then Sky Ferriera's Night Time, My Time randomly decided to slay me and I'm totally digging it now :giveup:


And on top of that I've been listening to Madonna's discography and have been slayed by songs I never was before dead4


As wacky as it was though it was a perfect way to spend my day antm1

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This is slaying me really hard right now  :giveup:


I fucking love Noonie Bao. Her debut album is easily one of the most underrated gems of the last 5 years. I'll actually be posting her discography (and leaking a few unreleased tracks) in the May Indie Pack. oprah1

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This song is my favorite from her     Its about losing your mother        

It's still so sad

A Message is THAT song  Not here for this slander     But Gomenasai and All The Way Down are certified BOPS.     You have to check her mixtape like @Iris said + her two new songs f

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