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9 minutes ago, Hylia said:

Are her singles leading up to a sophomore release?

Yeah, her recent interviews have said she plans to do at least another EP soon. Maybe not until early next year and it might be like Tokyo Love Hotel, where not all the leadup material is part of the tracklist, but yes, that definitely seems to be her plan. jj2 

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23 minutes ago, Wonho said:

@GhostfaceJust realised this song is sampled from The Carpenters, my fave musical duo of all time brit2




It is so nice to see that not just idea of avalanche, but Avalanchers have stayed with you too, Wonkoi. I guess it was smart move to get you know them. And yes, they are prone to construct their songs around and from samples - that's what they practice, somehow like some sort of signature style - plunderphonics. oprah7

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This song is my favorite from her     Its about losing your mother        

what do you think of Last Fantasy?  

@ChooseyLover did you know she has sold over 70M records in Korea alone     and she's just 22  

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