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Last Boy On Earth

Christina will beat all your faves records with her new single & album...

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& you will have to deal xtina40

GaGa has the fastest selling single in iTunes history? Christina is gonna break that record and you will have to deal!

Katy has 5 no.1 from 1 album? Christina is gonna release all the songs from her new album as singles and drag Kunty and Micheal down & you will have to deal!

Kesha's longest no.1 running single this decade? Christina is gonna snatch Kesha's wig & you will have to deal!

21 sold 15 million copies last year? Double that and you'll get Christina's this year sales. & you will have to deal btw!

Femme Fatale tour what? the Monster Ball tour what? Loud tour what? Xtina will shit on them with her Bionic Reloaded tour & you will have to deal!

All in all, Xtina is gonna break every record existing with her new single and album. You betta watch out, cause Godtina is coming xtina6

Stay pressed and mad

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