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Honeymoon Inn feat. Nicki Minaj

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J. Taylor    3,205

Bumping because why not




Honeymoon Avenue is slaying me right now oprah2 relates so much to a certain situation tbh.



And Piano totally became my fave. 


This might just be my favorite album of the year.

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Robert.    22,610

Get ready for Problem, the first single from Ariana Grande's forthcoming second studio album. Rap princess Iggy Azalea is featured on the track that is rumored to be produced either by Zedd or Max Martin. It is scheduled for an April 28 release and will be debuted live at the Radio Disney Awards on April 27.



Ariana has already started counting down the days to the release of Problem on Twitter #10DaysUntilProblem


According to Ariana, Problem is about "knowing you would be better off without someone but you can't resist them and need them no matter what". The song's official lyric video was shot on April 10 and Ariana shared some teaser pics from the shoot on Twitter and Instagram:





Ariana herself described the shoots as "experimental" and "late 60s timeline invasion". She also tweeted "60s mod gogo girl > 50s goody two shoes *yaaawn*" which could indicate her taking on a riskier and more daring persona for her upcoming album campaign.

Her new Twitter icon is a shot from the shoot as well:


Omg I'm so excited cry4.gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>

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