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Not Carpool Karaoke being on the 16th and not the 15th as advertised, I stayed up for this episode for nothing and I am seething. 12:37 AM today is August 15th, 12:37 AM tomorrow is August 16th, this girl needs to do ha math ari9

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1 hour ago, King Of My Heart said:

This tired rhetoric "You waited 2 years why can't you wait 14 hours?" that fans love to spew constantly is so funny.
Why wait 14 hours when you could get it now? ayumi1

Just makes it more special imo shrug1 

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6 minutes ago, Ghostface said:

I like this... tay8


We didn't get update how was at concert. ari5

I popped puss to Breathe On Me and accidentaly kicked a woman in front of me with my knee in her face tay8 

We love a sex bop tay8 

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