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1 minute ago, visionofrain said:

Id listen to it before Goodnight and go ! Sorry i know you love that one !

I think I love goodnight n go so much cause the original is soo amazing and when I heard she was covering it i was so excited

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Well, after first listen, my picks would be these ( without NTLTC and GIAW which I definitely like ):

- R.E.M

- Everytime

- Breathin

Better Off

- Goodnight n Go ( I was hoping to enjoy it more though )

- Get Well Soon ( It didn't leave strong mark at first, but it has potential ). 

Intro should have been A SONG on its own definitely. 

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Just now, CHANEL #1 said:

Raindrops should have been a full song. It could have easily been the best on the entire album had it been a full song.

This tea! And a little instrumentation as well because it feels... empty. alex1

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