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I would like her to wear outfits like this at the new era. They are chic and sexy. The dark make-up around her eyes makes her look younger too.  oprah2 She needs to start embracing her age, being naked and provocative isn't the only way to make her look younger. oprah2 Look how good she looks in this outfit, i can't. oprah2


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On 1/24/2019 at 12:37 AM, Freaky Prince said:

What in bloody hell is this? jj4 

Wasn't her new PR team supposed to take care of her social media accounts? jj4 

This pose aint it, for the billionth time jj4


Gurl she didn't do anything wrong. jj4 She can pose like the devil himself, she doesn't hurt anyone. jj4

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The commens and the dislikes in the song gives me life. lol2


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. lol1

She says all the names of Stars who are with the Illuminati. lol1

The illuminati is a cover up for the truth. All of you are going crazy over pop stars being illuminati when the world is being controlled by a force you don't even know is coming for you! lol1

Madonna, thanks. You open my eyes! The Illuminati is real! lol1

The goal here is to promote their agenda and help indoctrinate the next generation. lol1

Illuminati: 1 Madonna 2 Jay-Z 3 Beyoncé 4 Rihanna 5 Kanye West 6 Nicky Minaj 7 Oprha 8 Obama 9 The Pope 10 Lady Gaga 11 Lil.

madonna is the illuminati queen. lol1yas2

People, wake up! Enquire about the Illuminati and the Freemasonry!!! The aim of this song is to DISINFORM you!!! Put your commitment into personal researches because EVERY SINGLE SINGER is under control. lol1

The whole hollywood , music , militär , government , banks are infiltrated by Illuminates. But holy shit , this song is good to hear. We are living in a satanic world who destroy year for year more countries and make the majority of the population poorer and poorer but damn, they do good music. lol1lol1lol1

All famous people are involved in illuminati anti christ, revulation in bible says it please keep children away from listerning to these music. lol1

I came for the comments.... lol1lol3

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