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12 minutes ago, tellemhone said:

Why is Material Girl being streamed so much compared to her other songsnicki5 If it catches up to LAP we'll have a problem nicki5


Cause it's more promoted on Spotify playlists. nicki5 Spotify isn't like YouTube. nicki5

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11 minutes ago, Régine Filange said:

@Jjang 33 in Argentina, 79 in Brazil, 113 in Spain, 133 in Mexico, 140 in Italy, 142 in Turkey etc. Could this mean 200 copies in a day? bebe1


Probably 50-100 lol. Most of these iTunes stores are rarely updated anyway.

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I'm not a stan of Madonna at all, but I'm reading about her today and I'm truly moved by what she did for the gay community and woman in the show business. 

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