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Katy Perry

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Perry has proven herself the queen of pop-music confections. But can she dethrone the king?

An aural dessert of risqué fun and heartfelt innocence helped Perry's sophomore album, Teenage Dream, tie Michael Jackson's Bad with five No. 1 singles on Billboard's Hot 100. Though Perry's label, EMI, is mum on releasing a possibly record-breaking sixth, industry observers are saying never say never.

"Even though it's a year old, this album is proving to be one big greatest-hits party," says Ian Drew, senior music editor at Us Weekly. He's particularly keen on the chart-topping prospects of Hummingbird Heartbeat and The One That Got Away.

"Katy's like this quiet storm who won't go away," he says. "You think she's a one-hit wonder, and then there's hit after hit after hit. A sixth is possible."

"Radio drives digital sales these days, and Katy's become the face of top 40 radio," says Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard's director of charts. "What's special about her songs is they appeal to multiple generations. She gets the kids, but she gets Mom listening, too."

Pietroluongo isn't convinced EMI will push for six. "When you're five for five in such elite company, maybe you're happy to just sit on that," he says.

"We want to savor five right now, but in the world of Katy, you never know", says Greg Thompson, executive vice president of marketing and promotion for EMI. "This historic achievement just speaks to Katy's hard work."

More than that, Dream's singles success could prompt a reassessment of Perry's musical chops, says Joe Levy, chief content officer at Maxim.

"This just proves she's a master pop hitmaker, (getting the) credit she deserves but doesn't always get due to the wonderful things she wears," says Levy, referring to Perry's dazzling costume changes, from candy-coated siren to a dorked-out teen.

"Perry doesn't just make great songs, she makes songs that become events the way Madonna used to," says Levy. As for trying to break Jackson's record and notching a sixth No. 1, "you figure, you've got to go for it."


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