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Will do!  Help me promote it tho sis because my other award i proposed flopped.


I just changed my set too dead1 and i updated my profile because it had nothing filled in dead1

OMG I LOVE IT. and please continue to slay my life with that rita repulsa gif cry1  I'll def rally to get that years and years award tho lj1

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I really have got to post more here    dead7   having just over 100 posts is embarrassing 

hahaha it's hard to stop once you get a daily momentum. It took me forever to hit 1,000 and now I've quadrupled that in like a month fall3.gif' alt='fall2'>

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Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays! I'm missing it here @QUINN @Carlos @Flash @California boy @Justas @Jake @Kaulitz. @fun. @marykateforpie

happy late holidays  and HNY @California boy @Jake @Justas @Venus as a Boy @Pageant Material @KP4 IS COMING @Flash @alexander @marykateforpie and @Kaulitz.  @Benji Did y'all blast EDIAH

No, I will not shut the fuck up. The only person here who needs to shut his mouth is Ryan. He is literally having tantrums just because I say the truth about his main fave on BG. Like, WTF? Am I not a

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