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My fav album from them is FanMail

Which featured Unpretty:

& my pusseh poppin' anthem 'I''m Good at Being Bad', with lyrics consisting of:

I need a crunk tight n**ga

Makes seven figgurs

Laced with the platinum Not the silver shit n**ga

XL stigga, Ten inch or bigga

A lick it from the back type n**ga...

N**ga you must be crazy

What you gonna do with a bitch like me

I'm so good at being bad

I'm the bitch you never had

I epitomize the word sexy

N**ga you must be crazy

What you gonna do with a bitch like me

With my shh so tight

Make ya cum all night

And you can't handle me


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love them :flutter: one of my fav girl groups

and Left Eye was such an underrated lyricist. most of her raps were like tongue twisters

I disliked your post by accident +laughcry+

Disregard it.

Back to the topic - TLC brings back some good memories. ny12

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3D is one of the greatest alltime albums 


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