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Carly Rae Jepsen

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New Zealand

[The Instagram post that was here, was deleted shortly after posting]

Edit: WTH? um2
Why did she delete that post of her riding a pony in NZ? Was her “travel wisdom” triggering people? moo12
Edit: I think I know why...she was hired to promote Lapland in Finland and here she was in New Zealand “free” promoting them with travel advise similar to her Lapland Video here:


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1 hour ago, idrk said:

we got two snippets of the song eternal summer! wasnt this the original title track of emotion hay1

Yes, that was the title of the album she scrapped after Kiss - when she decided to go to Broadway. It’s buried in her backyard with Disco Sweat lol2


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Billboard: Top 100 Songs That Defined The Decade - in Alphabetical Order (Call Me Maybe)


This was a fascinating read - with all the background history of how the song was written and finally released. It’s a part of Herstory oprah2


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“Run Away With Me” was used in an episode of Mr.Robot, last night. I don’t get that channel but I understand it is a good show - and with only 3 episodes left in the series:


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Business Insider and it’s sister, Insider has named Carly Rae Jepsen as its artist of the decade:




It helps that the Author, Libby Torres is a fan nicki4

Still, good promo as Business Insider & Insider have 3 million Twitter followers. 

Sass Jordan (Canadian Idol Judge) Returned the tweet:


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On 12/11/2019 at 10:28 AM, ajp said:

Rumour has it that CRJ may show up for this and sing with the Bleachers. Last year, Lorde made an appearance...


She debuted a new song with Jack cry0

I’m going to refer to this song as “Back To Me” cause I don’t know the title yet. It was so good!  cry7




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