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Carly Rae Jepsen

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1 hour ago, idrk said:



All songs written and composed by Carly Rae Jepsen, except where noted.


All?????appart from sour candy??


The album was released originally on Fontana North which distributes independent albums. I think Tug of War was a way for Carly to get a record deal. Once she appeared on Canadian Idol 2007, she recorded it and released it herself in 2008. When she signed to 604 Records, then the album rights were brought over. Our true Indie Queen alex1

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7 minutes ago, Princess Aurora said:

Yep, This album was all made by her. John Mayer also sent her a support letter after this album

She was even nominated for 2 Juno Awards (Canadian Grammy) for New Artist and Songwriter with Josh, but didn’t win. bummer1


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3 hours ago, idrk said:



this is SO good I think my favourite music video of hers I havent watched all of them as im not one for music videos but DAMN this video was so cool. I want to go back to curiosity era and have a LONG ass talk with her label/management.

The official video release day was scrapped just before “Call Me Maybe” was released in the US. Curiosity (song) was sent to Canadian Radio as the second single off Curiosity (Album) when she got a call from Scooter Braun and School Boy Records. Once, she signed to them and Interscope/Universal for US/International distribution, they thought the video for Curiosity was too mature and sexy for Carly’s “cute girl next door Call Me Maybe” image. So they pulled the track off Radio and shelved the video and it stopped charting on the Canadian Charts - which was too bad cause by then it was Top 20. Then Good Time was released next and everyone was happy...and Curiosity (The song, the shelved video and the EP) were forgotten. 


The video was leaked by the Video Director, I think...

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1 hour ago, idrk said:


here's the updated!!


It’s so seamless! 

Here is a full Live version of the song done at a nightclub in 2011 about 2 months after CMM was released and she is promoting her upcoming album, Curiosity. 


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