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Lol ok sorry for spamming but that dude Don Philip she did a duet with on her debut album auditioned fall1


Ok so this guy walks out and I think he says his name and then he starts crying. Everyone in the crowd is like wtf?! So then he looks at Britney and says

"I never thought I would see you again"

So then the judges, myself, and much of the crowd think he is talking about her breakdown so everyone flips shit but then Britney says "please dont cry" followed by "no no no its okay its because we did a duet together about 10 years ago" and then she says his name, so at this point I'm just like :huh::huh::huh::huh::huh:

So then he talks about how he has been a backup singer and how he wasn't himself when he last saw Britney and how the past 10 years have changed him blah blah blah

LA Reid asks him how he has changed or why he is different.

The dude comes out of the closet and says he is gay and the crowd claps.

He then says that he didn't do it before because his parents thought it was bad to be gay and that Britney also thought that it wasn't good for him to be gay.

THEN IM LIKE WTF!!!:devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil: YOU MOTHERFUCKER

I look at the little camera screen and I see a close up of Britney's face like wtf?! and shes like "no no I didn't say that"

and then LA Reid stops her and tells him that he has made her really uncomfortable and he needs to stop speaking, Simon follows up and basically says the same thing and tells him he needs to shut up.

The crowd tells him to sing a song, chanting. Finally he sings and he is horrible.

While he was performing Demi leaned over to Britney to probably ask her about the situation and they started whispering for like 20 seconds and probably exchanged the story on the situation.

He finished his audition and when its Britney's turn to comment she says

"I feel that you've been a lot through the past 10 years but I believe that you could've prepared better for your audition and practiced more on your vocals" something along those lines but she said it very nicely and respectfully

FLAWLESSLY HANDLED. Everyone started clapping.

I still can't believe this happened. I was so pissed for the rest of the auditions but


No problem ya'll. But seriously I was freaking the fuck out. Not to mention she looked SOOOOOOO UPSET afterwards. Jason looked pretty upset too

Audio: http://soundcloud.com/sfactor/before-he-performed + http://soundcloud.com/sfactor/after-he-auditioned

what a mess fall1

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