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Who is prettier? Britney or Christina

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They are both beautiful, but they're two different types of beauty. Britney is the cute innocent girl next door kind of beauty that can look sexy if she wants. Christina on the other hand is the beautiful sexy vixen. I find Christina's features more unique, yet more universal if that makes any sense. Even before I became a big christina fan, I found her more beautiful than Britney. Her fashion choices and overuse of make up can overshadow her beauty, but when she gets it right, she is beyond gorgeous.

One thing for sure, Christina is aging better than Britney. She can look much younger than her age with the right styling and her skin is good despite the heavy use of make up. Britney is very pretty, but she looks her age and there's definitely nothing wrong with that.

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i see no lies

I see plenty tbh. sass1

unless ya'll are talking about Shavedheadney vs. Back 2 Being Basictina, which is the only era I've ever thought Crust looked good in and like she didn't have herpes simplex virus 2. sass1

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