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Lana Del Rey

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I really do hope we get the album Friday and this isn't just empty stanspeak! that whole Manchester fiasco was just a horrific way to blow the high that we got from getting the new LFL video + the new Kali single cry9 

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cant listen to tyrant without picturing kali dancing on a latin mans dick in a dim hotel room rih9

she needs to hurry upp with that video 

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You've had a day to guess, so let's announce the list of who made your sets. jj2 


Tampon made Mint's set
Mint made Andres' set
Andres made Venus XCX's set
Venus XCX made Hunty Bear's set
Hunty Bear made Jake's set
Jake made Lachlan's set
Lachlan made Radio's set
Radio made Tampon's set

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Imagine hating Florida Kilos...

i can say at least that In My Feelings through Heroin are trash  

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