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Lana Del Rey

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15 hours ago, Urbanov said:

The way I completely lost interest in her upcoming album dead2 

1 hour ago, Hunty Bear said:

she really did that! could you imagine 8 years of building goodwill with the GP and the critics just to tear most of it down within a year dead2 yas queen

she really destroyed all hype by being stupid overall + delaying the album a bunch of times and announcing it every single time dead2

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1 minute ago, Urbanov said:

That’s what really annoyed me. Announcing a NEW album literally a month (or was it two months?) after NFR came out dead2 and then postponing it dead2 

i don't think anyone expected a new album so soon, so if she remained quiet until everything was finalised then it would've felt so much better than this mess dead2

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