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Background info: http://www.muumuse.com/2011/07/introduucing-lana-del-rey.html/




I really love the whole retro-indie vibe of her music...it's really laidback and 'coffee house' but isn't boring. Has anyone else here heard/liked her music?
I love the new singles (Video Games & Blue Jeans) & I downloaded her indie album the other day and it's really good! Her debut album comes out in January 2012 maisy







1. Lanamosity [AKA The "Drag Vespertine" Thread]
2. Lanamosity [AKA A List of Well-Established Facts, Plus a Few Things Andy Said]
3. Lanamoist [AKA Velvet Vagina Appreciation Thread]
4. Lanamosity [19 Days to Godlytunes]
5. Lanamosity [18 Days 'til Honeymoon is legal!]
6. Lanamosity [17 Days 'til our Honeypussies are popped]
7. Lanamosity [Get drenched in Honey(moon); 16 Days]
8. Lanamosity [Learn math so you can be on the forefront of the technological movement! 3x5 days to Honeymoon!]
9. Lanatrocity [I am...disgusted that we still have to wait two weeks for Honeymoon]
10. Lanapaucity [information is scarce, but there's only 13 days to Honeymoon!]
11. Lanaviscosity [it's gonna be like a slog through Honey to survive the 12 days 'til Honeymoon]
12. Lanavelocity [speeding towards Honeymoon! Only 11 days left!]
13. Lanatalksshitty [10 days left to see how much Lana can put her foot in her mouth!]
14. Lanafeelspity [but not enough to give us Honeymoon today...9 days to release]
15. Lanaferocity [8 days left and we're fucking mad]
16. Lanatoxicity [7 Days...She's fucking killing us]
17. Lanapublicity [6 days left to ruin the album campaign!]
18. Lanacuriosity [I wonder how soon we'll get an HQ studio leak, since we're 5 days from release....]
19. Lanaisshitty [For not letting Honeymoon leak 4 days early]
20. Lanaphilosophy [As the 3 days left to Honeymoon wind down, we must stop and take a moment to think about the human condition]
21. Lanaprosperity [Two days to release! Rejoice!]
22. Lanareligiosity [A mere day remains 'til the coming of our Lord and Savior, Honeymoonsus] 


Lust For Life era titles

1. Lanamonthity [30 Days to Lust For Life]
2. Lanaprimacy [29 Days to Lust For Life and 29 is a prime number. Shut up, it works]
3. Lanazombiemovie [28 Days Later...we get Lust For Life]
4. Lanatoughtitties [27 Days to Lust For Life and you'll just have to deal with it!]
5. Lustomosity [Get sexy! 26 Days to Lust For Life]
6. Lanamultiplicity [5 Angry Gays * 5 Previous Albums = 25 Days of moaning, groaning and complaining 'til Lust For Life]
7. Lanamodesty [Repent, sinners! Throw off the sinful shackles of promiscuity! Only then shall the Lord give you His Life. Perhaps in 24 Days?]
8. Lanamercredi [Because it's Wednesday. 23 Days to Lust For Life!]
9. Lanacidity [HF can ruin your day, but LFL will make your year! 22 Days to Lust For Life!]
11. Liftoffomosity [3...2...1...Liftoff! The era has liftoff! 11 Days to pre-order, 20 Days to Lust For Life!]
12. Lanasodomy [“Anal” is just “Lana” spelled backwards! 10 days to pre-order, 19 days to Lust For Life]
13. Lanaodyssey [A million miles and 18 days to Lust For Life. Our journey is significant, but we must forge ahead, for in a mere 9 days, the pre-order arrives and all our wildest imaginings are given physical form...]
14. Lanahomogeny [Join the horde, be a face in a crowd, stan Lana Del Rey today! 8 days to pre-order, 17 days to Lust For Life]
15. Lanaughty [What a saucy little group of miscreants you are! *Tweaks nipples threateningly* {7 days to pre-order, 16 days to Lust For Life}]
16. Lanacrotchety [Get off my lawn, you damn kids! I’m waiting for my fave to release her overdue album and it’s almost here! 6 days to pre-order, 15 days to Lust For Life]
17. Lanareciprocity [Stream my fave and I’ll stream yours, eh? Not really, but whatever! 5 days to pre-order, 14 days to Lust For Life]
18. Lanaprosody [Poetry be damned! Share a beautiful story while waiting for Lust For Life. 4 days to pre-order, 13 days to the album]
19. Lanavitality [We're all just feeling so alive! Just 3 more days 'til pre-order and 12 days to Lust For Life! Sunshine comes out of my asshole!]
20. Lanaplurality [There are many of us and less of you. Submit! 2 days to pre-order, 11 days to Lust For Life]
21. Lanawowee! [Golly gosh gee, so close to release! 1 day 'til orders begin in pre! And just 10 more 'til the album, whoopee! Come celebrate and rhyme with me!] {All posts in this thread must be made as if you're a 1950s child who can't stop rhyming}
22. Lanaudacity [This bitch has the nerve, nay, the TEMERITY to rip my wig right off my head? Wow…! Share the story of your scalping here! Lust For Life in 9 days]
23. Lanayosemite ["It's my favorite song on the album!" {Two months go by} "Oh yeah, it just didn't fit the aesthetic". Only our fave, ladies and gays! Lust For Life in 8 days]
24. Lanaverbosity [The best titles are short, sweet and to the point. That, however, often fails to capture the proper essence necessary for a Lanamosity album leadup title. As such, I’ve opted for this longer one, in hopes it brings joy. LFL, 7 days!]
25. Listomosity [Make a unique ranked list of Lana-related things! No one’s allowed to have the same list topic, so be creative! Lust For Life in 6 days!]
26. Lanapoverty [We're so poor. She feeds us only table scraps every few months...please ma'am, may we have some more? Lust For Life in 5 days!]
27. Larinamosity [She thanked Marina in the liner notes and not the fans. Clearly, this means there’s some kind of sexual relationship going on. Speculate wildly about it! Lust For Life in 4 days!]
28. Lastomosity [This is it…only three more days to release. Prepare to have your faith tested...]
29. Leakomosity [Oops, it got out! Are you going to listen? 2 days to official release]
30. Lifeomosity [Go out and live your life! Report back with something fun you did today. Lust For Life tomorrow!]
31. Lanatheocracy [God is here and Her name is Lust For Life]


Post LFL release titles:

1. Lanamosity [AKA The Lachlan is Wrong About Cherry Thread]


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I don't think she's coffee house at all, I think there is an incredible emotional intensity to her work.

Video Games / Blue Jeans single has finally hit iTunes, hopefully she cracks the UK chart this week. Also hope my vinyl copy is on its way!

Balam Acab's "Video Games" remix is gloriously pretty:


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cry4.gif' alt='cry3'> I'm so glad other people like but I'm kind of jealous because I found her before anyone else did ny2

Where can I get her debut album? I heard one track from it & loved it!

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Guest ❤ уυηg яαρυηχєℓ ❤
cry4.gif' alt='cry3'> I'm so glad other people like but I'm kind of jealous because I found her before anyone else did ny2

Where can I get her debut album? I heard one track from it & loved it!

Oh really? I don't think so. +sip+

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Guest ❤ уυηg яαρυηχєℓ ❤
'video games' is cute but i fail to see what's so extraordinary about it and the chick has an average voice. the epitome of overrated.

She is something different, and unique. At least you thought so when you thanked for her EP in the VIP Media Section...

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'video games' is cute but i fail to see what's so extraordinary about it and the chick has an average voice. the epitome of overrated.

If her voice is so average then tell me which other current gorl she sounds like? um1

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I really want someone to grill her properly in an interview and find out once and for all if she's fake or not. She should go on jonathan Ross or Graham Norton to promote.

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