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Just now, Chris Morlock said:

you shouldve done it with her "best of" of unreleased whit1 

and include Queen of Disaster and Hit and Run

I only had room for 20 tracks and I'd rather burn a whole album than a random assortment of her unreleased for someone just getting into her back catalogue jj2 

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2 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

OMFG remember when James Franco wrote that book about imaginary conversations with Lana rip4rip4rip4 wow, he really blew it with their friendship

Glad she saw through to his creepiness and tossed him out like yesterday's trash! jj2 

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18 hours ago, Hunty Bear said:

these girls are seriously not ready for Norman Fucking Rockwell (me included!) ari7 so easily gonna be the album of the year and her best album in a long ass time

with a song like Hope is a Dangerous Thing a Woman Like Me Can Have - But I Have it theres nothing to go wrong! ari9 

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i can say at least that In My Feelings through Heroin are trash  

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