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Artists who slayed you for only ONE song

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You use to have some tranny for a set fall4

I loved your Florence Ceremonials set tho rih3

I really don't remember your Rih threads fall4 I remember you always fightning with Dr. Fenty tho fall4

Do you mean Chloe? +chloe+ I miss that set.

The Shake It Out set was the best though - the colour co-ordination slayed antm1

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shock1 how is possible to like that and not to like Kiss Kiss, Down Boy or State Of Mind? shock1

The other two can fuck off but State of Mind is amazing antm1 It's gonna be my walk-to-work song tomorrow morning.

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- Broken Social Scene - All to All

- Dragonette - Pick Up the Phone

- Filter - Take a Picture

- Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever (if you are as absolutely infatuated with this song as I am, I don't suggest that you listen to the album that it came from)

- Moby - Ooh Yeah

- Justin Nozuka - After Tonight

- Owl City - Fireflies

Empire of the Sun - We Are The People

really?! you didn't even like the masterpiece that is Walking on a Dream (the song)?

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catching up on the thread, a few things:

the jessie ware album is worth hearing - the run from "sweet talk" through to the end of the record is outstanding

cassie's probably never going to put any more music out because of her relationship with diddy or something but her s/t album from 2006 is phenomenal - one of the best ever imo

my contribution

this'd be in my top 10 singles for the last 10 or so years but I've never found any of her other stuff quite as engaging

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I always meant to listen to their EP, but i could never be fucked

I was completely slayed by this song when it came out. And absolutely no fucks were given since.

You already mentioned some I had in mind but this one's the first that comes on my mind   Usher - Climax   Oh, and Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

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