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13 hours ago, Darth Sidious said:

NCT hasn't popped like they thought it would. SHINee's been eaten by enlistment, EXO is about to be completely eaten by enlistment, and with BTS creating an opening in this market that they've, frankly, never had before, I can kind of follow their logic, kind of, but they probably still would've been better off not doing this. 

The NCT members, at face value, struck me as useless, until I remembered that they're specifically targeting the Western Market, and with Taemin, Jongin and Baekhyun speaking little to absolutely no English, their purpose revealed itself. 

I don't know, I'm trying to like it, maybe it'll grow on me. 

clap3This is spot on.

I just wish SM would have executed their attempt at "competing" with BTS in the US with less of a style-over-substance approach. What I'm personally most disappointed in is the B-sides, there was some real potential here for some amazing songs. mad12


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2 hours ago, Hyun. said:

Tiffany will always count as kpop oh yes wendy1 the Gaga teas from this... the excellence in the video... giveup1

oh yes i still count her as kpop but good for her for making such good music without a massive label behind her! and omg i hope her last two singles form an album or something they’re both extreme excellence 

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I will say that Stiff's US solo output has been consistently ambitious and interesting, but whoever's been doing the vocal mixing and mastering on her post-Lips on Lips tracks needs to be FIRED. She kinda sounds like Natalia Kills on RFYL which is not really a bad thing, but I wanna hear her actual voice again. mad12

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