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3 minutes ago, PopEmergency said:

The last few days i've been obsessed with "Wing" by Park Ji Hoon antm1

Yas taste, i discovered that song like a month ago and OMG soooooo gooooooooof 

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Just now, Ruthless Love said:

I will do a deep dive ASAP. I posted what I can get when I get it for you guys!

<3 thanks, I'll chacke what you have posted here, cuz finding Kpop HQ is hard AF

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1 hour ago, Royalty said:

So I became a member of a Dutch kpop fan group and a guy just send me this AND I AM LIVING?! oprah15 It's kinda old though but omg oprah15 


SISTAR where the queens of Summer Kpop 

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