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On 10/25/2017 at 9:27 PM, R A D A R O U T S O L D said:

Thoughts on this?  Is the fandom being extra or tea was served? 


even if she herself doesn't care about charts and sales, which is debatable, her label still care, so those songs better be bought (since the label own her)

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Why do people always say "without SPS it's not that impressive/if we only go by pure sales it's not that impressive"? Pure sales are dying, SPS *is* the way.

And also even with SPS you need more than just hardcore fans to make a dent. You need the General Spotify Public to care about the song a lot as well. Camila and Fourth Harmony both have hardcore fanbases but even with them streaming (literally) 24/7, it doesn't matter unless the General Spotify Public is here streaming too. That's why Havana still hasn't been #1 and also why the album "Fifth Harmony" didn't do nothing on the Billboard charts (which is a shame, deserved better).

So yes with SPS it *is* impressive BECAUSE you need more than just hardcore fans streaming it to make a dent.

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