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Venus XCX

Gaga Singles Music Chairs | CHOOSE THE WINNER!

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you let me die fall3 i would've let you vote for poker face twice in a row <a href=http://fotpforums.com/uploads/emoticons/default_fall3.gif' alt='fall2'>

I'm so sorry fall3 But I wanted to play by the rules <a href=http://fotpforums.com/uploads/emoticons/default_fall3.gif' alt='fall2'>

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It's Redemption time! Vote for 2 songs to take out & 2 songs to come back.

Note: You can NOT vote for your own song to come back sass1


Songs to take out:

Bad Romance | California boy

Marry The Night | Mother Monster

Applause | Warrior

The Edge Of Glory | Hakan

You & I | Electric


Songs to come back:

Poker Face | Venus XCX sass1

Alejandro | ARTPOP

Telephone | Halcyon

Born This Way | DanKing2604

Paparazzi | Costea

LoveGame | dave


Do What You Want | Merryem

Just Dance | Killer Fleur

Eh Eh | Haruka

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