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TV shows you're watching right now!

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omg you love TV as much as me oprah1

Current shows I'm watching:

Once Upon a Time (so good this season cry1 Hook yum1)

Glee (idk why, dont care for the new people)


Hook slays me cry5

And I hate most of new people in Glee (this DQ guy um2), they should make a spin off from glee for Rachel and the rest of them cos there is too much plots for 40 minutes show xtina3

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The Simpsons

Family Guy

American Dad!

The Cleveland Show

Once Upon A Time

666 Park Avenue

Adventure Time

How I Met Your Mother

2 Broke Girls


New Girl

The New Normal

Cougar Town (when it starts again in January)

Go On

Modern Family

American Horror Story

X Factor US

The Big Bang Theory


Futurama (when it's on again in the summer)

Plus I'm re-watching FRIENDS again for the gazillionth time, I'm at season 9 currently and may start all over again when I'm done

p.s. Yes I have no life. Loser and proud! lana8

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i've dropped the following

The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory and was just about to drop 2 Broke Girls but somehow i got myself up to date with it and i'm loving this 2nd season.

i'm still undecided regarding The Walking Dead.. i'll probably pick it up though.

so i'm currently up to date with Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls, Spartacus. +shrug+ these are all the shows i'm currently watching.

i've watched Parenthood during January-February and i'm PRAYING for a 5th season. and today i've started watching Suburgatory and i didn't think i'd love it as much as i do. xtina10 it's freaking hilarious. i instantly start laughing whenever Dalia shows up on my screen.



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Okay, so this is a half-hour HBO drama/comedy starring Laura Dern and it might just be the best thing ever and I'm only four episodes into the first season (the second season has just finished airing, there are only 18 episodes all together), the last episode left me in floods, because of just how emotionally acute the writing and tone is, it hits home in the most wonderful way. I've already replayed this video countless times already, and it probably sells it more than anything I could say.


The show is about a 40-year old woman called Amy, who at the start of the first episode suffers a nervous breakdown, ending up at a rehabilitation center in Hawaii, where she has an epiphany (hence the title) but also leaves $25,000 in debt; the show follows her trying to put her life back together, rebuild her relationship with her mom and ex-husband (played by Luke Wilson) and follows her attempts to enact positive change around her, including the corporation she used to work for.

It's really hard to pin this down into a simple tagline, but my God is it so wonderfully directed and written, what they manage to do with just a 25 minute run time is astounding, and some of the imagery is just eugh, I can't praise it enough. It's a mediation on life in a not too dissimilar vein to the late great Six Feet Under, although it's not so much fixated on death, but as on the idea of rebirth (there is a pretty strong floral motif running through the episode so far). There are some painfully awkward, second hand embarrassment kind of comedic moments as well, and again, it's greatly observed stuff.

Although Laura Dern won the Golden Globe for her role, it doesn't get nearly enough attention; it was airing after Girls on Sunday nights but probably gets about 1/100th of the press attention that shows gets, and I'm not sure if it's getting renewed for a third season. Either way, if you can hunt it down then do, I will probably power through the rest of them tonight tbh.

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got up to date with Suburgatory as well. srsly guys, watch it dead1

gonna take a break from starting new shows, too time consuming tbh.

omg i need to watch this, just looking at ha face is slaying me fall4
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omg i need to watch this, just looking at ha face is slaying me fall4

omg yas, it never changes!


dead1 i wish they gave her more on screen time though, i can never get enough.

after reading through daniel's 'enlightened' description i've become curious about the show so i might start watching it.

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anyone who is watching Skam?  i re-watched the 3rd season three times 

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Penny Dreadful it's the best tv show i've seen in a long time

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