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I just watched the guy video

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1. It goes for 17:18 minutes  cry6

2.it starts off with footage of her growing up and getting into fights in middle school  cry6

3. She changes outfits 6-7 times


4. Her dancing is ON POINT (no more seizures)

5. The video features a group of 98 backup dancers  cry6

6. She swallows another dancers vomit, vomits it into another dancers mouth and everyone starts vomiting on each other.


7. She flys through the air and lands at a castle


8. The boy at the castle is a prince


9. They fall in love  ny10

10. Then she gives birth to an alien, britney comes out singing "not alone not alone"



11. The video then ends and leaves it open for a sequel.


cry1  cry1  cry1

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