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The story line of GUY tbh

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1. The video starts off with Lady Gaga giving a motivational speech to children in North Korea, that being gay is okay and that if you long for something, you might get it.


2. Gaga then rips of her wig and throws it into the audience of children, struts off stage and exits the building.


3. She then walks onto the street where she is confronted by two aliens, alien 1 inpregenants lady gaga and is told "7 days" - gaga runs off crying.


4. Gaga then finds out that she now has powers, powers to fly, she decided to fly over to a near by castle, in that castle is an unnamed boy. The boy doesnt want ha so she gets mad.


5. Gaga gives birth to the alien, names it Britney, britney then starts to sing "not alone, not alone.. nawt alurrrn"


6. Gaga mothers ha baby and currs fa ha ever so well.


7. Gaga then stumbles across a field of mushrooms, eats 3 mushrooms and starts to hallucinate, gaga starts to think she's a goddess, roams the world thinking she's awesome when infact everyone looks down on ha.


8. Gaga finds a broken mirror, looks into it and says "I just wanna be that GUY" - music starts


9. Gaga rips of her skin - exposing herself as Hugh Hefner - looks to the camera and says 'No, not that guy' and changes into herself again.


10. Gaga starts to iron her clothes and looks al sexy doing so.


Then the rest of the video is her standing in weird, out of place positions and robot dances.



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