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UPDATE: Music Mania

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RihannaRTT    11,412

Music Mania has been updated. We have separated singles and albums in new music releases and this thread is a good refresher on what is expected for new threads. Please read these simple steps and make sure you understand them before posting again.


1) Make sure your thread is music related. Music related news should be posted in Music Mania, or a sub-section of Music Mania. Non-music related news should be posted in the General News & Gossip section. 


2) Post your thread in the correct section of Music Mania. If your thread is the announcement of a single, post it in the Singles sub-section. Similarly, if your thread relates to the announcement of an album, post your thread in the Albums sub-section. There should only be ONE thread for each single/album in this threads. New information on these releases should be posted in the existing thread and can be posted as a new thread in the Music Mania section. Everything else music-related should be posted in Music Mania. 


3) Following on from the last point, try not to post duplicate threads. If a thread exists, there is no need to post another one. Always use the Search Function before creating threads. If you do forget to search and accidentally create a duplicate thread, a moderator can merge these threads for you. 


4) Always reference at least one reliable source in your thread. Music rumors can be posted in Music Mania but should not be posted in the singles or albums sub-sections. These sub-sections are for officially confirmed releases. Any rumored music-related news should be posted in the Music Mania section and should clearly state that the rumor is unconfirmed. Failure to post a reliable source may result in thread closure. 


5) Threads should look presentable. If you are posting in the singles or albums sub-sections, try to follow the basic layout. You should include the album/single title, the artist name and the release date in the thread title. Also you should post a video or demo of a song if you can. This will lend more to discussion of the topic. In addition, you should aim to update your thread if any new information is released. If the thread creator is no longer active, a moderator can be asked to update the opening post of a thread should it be required. 


As always, please follow the overall site rules when posting in Music Mania. You can find these here. This section is also NOT for stanwars. Keep it cute or put it on mute; if you have nothing nice to say about an artist, then say nothing at all. Shading and dragging should be taken to Battlegrounds instead. If you have any questions about any of these rules and would like some clarification, feel free to PM myself or any other moderator. Thank You!

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