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Kesha | Rainbow | August 11th, 2017

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1. Bastards [Explicit]

2. Let 'Em Talk [Explicit] ft. Eagles of Death Metal

3. Woman [Explicit] ft The Dap-Kings Horns

4. Hymn [Explicit]

5. Praying

6. Learn to Let Go

7. Finding You

8. Rainbow

9. Hunt You Down [Explicit]

10. Boogie Feet [Explicit] ft Eagles of Death Metal

11. Boots [Explicit]

12. Old Flames (Cant Hold A Candle To You) ft Dolly Parton

13. Godzilla

14. Spaceship

Source Amazon.com



First Single - Praying







Timeline (2017)



July 6

'Praying' video released, first single off of album Thread

New track from Rainbow each week until release Thread

Album release date confirmed August 11th, 2017, called 'Rainbow' Thread

Kesha is still under Dr Luke, according to spokesperson Thread

Interview on Lenny Letter Thread

July 5

Kesha confirms 'Praying' release July 6 Thread

July 4

Kesha post 'The Beginning' artwork Thread

July 3

Kesha's mom teases info about new album Thread

Kesha shares teaser images on Instagram Thread

June 23

Kesha's mother & Dr. Luke's lawsuits dismissed Thread

June 22

Snippet of new Kesha music video "Woman" leaks Thread

June 16

Ricky Reed says "Kesha is ready, and she's releasing super soon" Thread

June 11

New music video still leaks Thread

June 7

Kesha's label changed to RCA on Facebook Thread

June 6

Eagles of Death Metal Guitarist Confirms the Band has Recorded 2 New Tracks with Kesha Thread

Kesha attends National Night Of Laughter And Song Thread

May 29

Kesha reaches 2 million Instagram followers Thread

May 18

Interview with Teen Vogue Thread

May 5

Ricky Reed hypes new Kesha album Thread

May 4

Kesha post photo in the studio Thread

April 25

$ is dropped from Kesha's name on artist roster

Sony cuts ties with Dr Luke, dissolves Kemosabe Thread

April 20

Kesha jokingly post 'album cover' Thread

April 9

Chelcee Grimes confirms song co-written with Kesha Thread

March 21

New York Supreme Court Justice refuses Kesha's attempt at amended counterclaims Thread

March 19

Kesha has 'Secret happy news" Thread

March 17

Ricky Reed says "Kesha's new music "is going to change the world"" Thread

March 16

EW announces Kesha to guest judge on RuPauls Drag Race season 9 Thread

March 15

Interview at SXSW Thread

March 10

Dr Luke sues fan who created #FreeKesha movement Thread

February 28

'Chinatown' song leaks Thread

February 27

Kesha to star in animated series 'Highly Gifted' Thread

February 21

Dr Luke releases emails of him supporting Kesha in 2010 Thread

February 15

Kesha releases emails between Dr Luke and her manager Thread

February 8

Dr Luke seeks 1.3 Million from Kesha Thread

February 7

Announced as speaker for SXSW Thread

February 3

Participates in the 'Hack Harassment' campaign Thread

January 31

More info on the text involving Katy Perry comes forward Thread

January 28

Has recorded 73 songs for new album Thread

January 21

Attends the Women's March in LA Thread

January 17

Appearance on NOISEY (Viceland) Thread

January 13

In the studio with Eagles of Death Metal Thread

January 10

Climbs mountain, hints at 'Child of the Moon' song/album title Thread

Sighted with Macklemore Thread

Says she is 'On a spirit quest journey, but shes coming back' and announces show in Bowling Green Thread

January 6

Instagram photo in the studio Thread

January 5

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry rumored to be involved in Keshas court case against Dr Luke Thread





June 6

Kesha Fights Back in Her New Single, "Praying" - Lenny Letter Source

May 18

Kesha Opens Up About Overcoming Her Eating Disorder and How She Found Happiness - Teen Vogue Source

March 15

The Internet is Not a Healthy Place for Me - SXSW Transcription Link

January 17

Kesha on Taking Back Her Voice - NOISEY (Viceland) Video Link


Rumored Songs and Lyrics


Child of the Moon

“It has a Stevie Nicks-witchy vibe. I’m making songs that are really weird, and they make me happy again. That’s what music should do."

Buried Alive

Untitled Song

"Why is it, when I cry, my first instinct is to cover my eyes"

Hunt You Down

"If you fuck around, I'll hunt you down"


"The good things never last"

Learn To Let It Go

Love Triangle


"I found a rainbow, rainbow, baby,
Trust me, I know life is scary,
But just put those colors on, girl,
And come and paint the world with me tonight"


Recent Looks




Old Information:






April 27

True Colors ft Kesha to be released 4/29, single art released Thread

Kesha's mom drops counterclaims against Dr. Luke Thread

April 25

Kesha post photo of her in the studio with Zedd Thread

April 21

New song registered for Kesha 'Buried Alive' Thread

April 17

Kesha performs with Zedd at Coachella Thread

April 13

Kesha to perform at Dylan Fest Thread

April 12

Kesha to perform at Coachella Thread

April 7

Kemosabe Records has layoffs, Sony says they are not closing Thread

Sharon Osbourne supports Kesha Thread

Kesha goes horseback riding with Iggy Azalea Thread

April 4

Daniel Petrocelli joins Kesha's legal team Thread

Jonathan Hay speaks out against Dr Luke Thread

Wendy Williams apologizes to Kesha Thread

April 3

Kesha says 'Sony offered me my freedom if I were to lie and say I never got raped' Thread

March 31

Kesha appears on Project Runway as a judge Thread

March 25

Kesha sings snippet of new song on Snapchat Thread

Kesha post to Instagram that she has been writing music all day Thread

March 23

Iggy Azalea says she wants to work with Kesha Thread

March 21

Kesha appeals judges denial of injunction Thread

The official @twitter account post about #FreeKesha Thread

March 18

Kesha holds concert at South Padre Island Thread

Adam Lambert says Kesha is 'doing really well' Thread

March 11

#FreeKesha protest in New York is held Thread

March 9

All of Dr. Luke's Drum Kits & Samples Leaked Thread

Sony rumored to drop Dr. Luke, trends on Twitter Thread

Luke denies rumors of Sony dropping him, says he has an excellent relationship with them Thread

March 8

 Marina Diamandis shows support for Kesha Thread

March 6

Kesha receives HRC Visibility award Thread

Kelly Clarkson says Dr. Luke 'is not a nice guy' and she was forced to work with him Thread

March 5

Mark Geragos says Kesha is doing a new legal filing very soon Thread

March 4

Zedd is 'very serious' about working with Kesha Thread

February 27

Kesha post to Instagram that she is writing music Thread

February 25

Lady Gaga post about Kesha 'Stop Victim Shaming' Thread

Kesha Cancels Concert at Chicago's Loyola University Thread

February 24

Lady Gaga post picture with Kesha, embracing Thread

Adele shouts out to Kesha in support while accepting her BRIT award Thread

Wayne Coyne teases Lip$ha leak Thread

Michael Angelakos shows support for Kesha Thread

Politician Gavin Newsom shows support for Kesha Thread

February 23

Kesha breaks social media silence Thread

Kesha appears on Hollywood Game Night Thread

Anne Hathaways shows support for Kesha Thread

February 22

Animal and Warrior chart on iTunes Thread

Dr. Luke's lawyers release a statement Thread

Dr. Luke post multiple tweets in regards to the case Thread

Jack Antonoff offers to produce music for Kesha Thread

Zedd offers to produce music for Kesha Thread

Ellen DeGeneres post support for Kesha Thread

February 21

Lady Gaga post images to Facebook supporting Kesha Thread

Taylor Swift donates 250k to Kesha Thread

February 20

Demi Lovato, Grimes, and Melanie Martinez show support for Kesha Thread

February 19

Kesha is denied release from Sony, breaks down in court Thread Thread Thread

Celebrities show support for Kesha, including Kaley Cuoco, Kelly Clarkson, Kerli, Halsey, and Lily Allen

February 18

Kesha talks fans and Dr. Luke with TMZ Thread

February 12

What seems to be a new Kesha song is played in background of Instagram video Thread

February 7

Video surfaces of Kesha's new 'secret concert' Thread

February 3

Dr. Luke's lawsuit against Pebe is dismissed Thread

February 1

Kesha announced as HRC Visibility award winner Thread

January 26

Kesha surprises fan who showed up to protest Thread

January 25

Kesha's injunction is postponed until February 19 Thread

Kesha gets new whale tattoo Thread

January 22

Kesha post image and thanks for fans support Thread

January 20

Kesha is in the studio with Bonnie McKee Thread

January 12

Kesha is seen on the 'Bad Moms' movie set Thread


Recent Looks






January 11th - Interview with local Brazil newspaper. Link

January 7th - Keshas brother instagrams picture working in studio.  Later removes it. Link

January 5th - Interview with Zero Hora. Link

December - No News

November 1st - 'Lover' demo leaks.  Link  This could be how we are getting new music until legal matters are settled.

October - No news in regards to the album. Trial with Dr Luke is most likely going to occur in 2016.
September - No news  :( 
August 26th - Pebe (Keshas mom) post images of Animal working in the studio Link Link
August 19th - Kesha has short cameo in HIAM's video 'My Song 5' Link
August 17th - Interview with Front Row Live Ent Link

August 14th - Interview with Conan.  Nothing new in regards to music.

August 10th - Interview with Front Row Live Ent Link
July 25th - Guest on Live with Kelly and Michael. Link
July 24th - Guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Link
July 24th - Interview with Good Morning America Link
July 22nd - Interview with Popstop about the new album (1 min) Link
July 20th - Image posted on twitter of Kesha working in the studio with Producer Pete Nappi. Link
July 15th - Kesha covers Teen Vogue Link
July 2nd - Keshas official website gets updated with a new image. 'Newsletter Sign-up' only option alongside social media links. Link
June 20th - Kesha holds a facebook chat Link, revealing new information about the album including:

  • Genre: country inspired "with a twist"
  • Still in writing process
  • "Stay Gold" possible album/song name

May 22nd - Picture of lyrics for a possible song. "Let's use the stars as our nightlights" Link
March 6th - Kesha tweets about working on the album, changes twitter handle from ke$hasuxx to KeshaRose Link
December 18th, 2013 - Kesha sings music in the works for the new album on her show, "My Crazy Beautiful Life." Link



No Confirmations

Untracklisted Songs



Stay Gold (Producer Unknown / Track Length Unknown)
Child of the Moon (Producer Unknown / Track Length Unknown)
Unknown Song (Producer Unknown / Track Length Unknown)

"Let's use the stars as our nightlights"



Wolf Song (Producer Unknown / Track Length Unknown)



Oh, tonight,

I'm not afraid to die,
Not afraid to cry.
I'll learn to fight,
Because I'll live and learn.
I gotta sing tonight."

Brutus (Producer Unknown / Track Length Unknown)
Skeleton (Producer Unknown / Track Length Unknown)



A skeleton, a bag of bones,

When you gave up my heart went cold,
A love we should and could have saved,
Got sentenced to an early grave.

You Fucked With the Wrong Bitch (Producer Unknown / Track Length Unknown)



Oh tonight I'm not afraid to die

I'm not afraid to cry
Went down to fight
Because I live that life
I gotta sing tonight, ight, ight, ight
Woah, woah, woah, woah

I hope that screwing me over
And f**king me around was
I hope it really was worth it
To crush what once was a true love
But boy you stepped on a landmine
Told me to trust you I'd be fine
And now your legacy will live forever
Unless you f**ked with the wrong b**ch.

U Suck Ass (Producer Unknown / Track Length Unknown)




Local Newspaper in Brazil

"I worked all the time in the last six months. I have 20 songs and it's so hard to choose. I do not know what people should expect, because I wrote country songs, rock'n'roll, pop, dance. I know that people want the songs, but the most important thing is to make a record of which I'm proud, so I know I'm still in the beginning. I am taking my time to be right, to make the disc one thing I love 100%."

Zero Hora

"I write all my songs, so I like to tell stories about the crazy things alive, because my life is so weird. But I think the most important thing about it is that I am expressing how I really am at this point in my life. I think I'll shock at how honest I will be on the new album. I have no release date or anything, because I'm taking the time I need to make a record of which I am proud. I am working with all kinds of crazy and spontaneous people and really experimenting with music. I'm not sure what will be the disc. It is an experimental and dispersed process. So I can not say how it will be, still do not know "

Front Row Live Ent:

"I always grew up writing songs. That was just my therapy.  That was very cathartic for me.  I would write with my mom sometimes, and she kind of taught me the art of writing songs.  I  was around it.  I was in studios since I was growing up.  I would go to school and then I would go the studio and sleep on the couch at the studio.  I was used to being in the studio.  It felt natural for me to become the artist that I am.  She's [her mom] kooky.  We write like really weird twisted songs and really emotional songs.  It depends on the day.  We wrote a song called 'Cannibal' thats about dismembering and eating men.  We've also written songs like 'Your Love Is My Drug' and 'Animal,' my favorite song Ive ever written with my mom.  We can do it all.  I write by myself mostly.  I go home at night, I have a Wurlitzer, I play that.  I write songs and get into my own head.  I like to work with different people, all the people.  I work with the most random people, and they dont have to be famous or anything like that.  I just like working with creative people.  As long as they have good vibes."
Front Row Live Ent:
"For me, I want to rap, I want to sing, and I can yodel. So I'm just going to do my thing and love rock and roll.  So whatever that means, thats what I am.  I dont know [if my raps will be around for the next album], so far its been a lot of singing. Im really excited about screaming rock and roll anthems. Thats what I would like to sing.  Or singing some country stuff.  I have no idea, Im just in the studio experimenting, late nights, very cool.  But nothing to show anybody else yet.
Live with Kelly and Michael:
"I'll come up with song ideas driving around the road, in my dreams.  Ill be reading a magazine.  All sorts of ways.  I was just writing a song about how I'm in love and if he steps out of line then I'm going to learn to shoot him. I definitely am down [to collab with Ludacris and Brad Paisley]. I think we should all do a song together and see what that sounds like.  That'd be the weirdest song ever."
Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:
“I’m working on new music. It’s ‘Super Top Secret’ and awesome.”
Good Morning America:
"I've written all sorts of different kinds of songs.  One song is kind of country, and other ones are just about the craziness of life.  I write all my own music, so Ive just been writing like crazy.  I dont have a date [of release for the album], but all I know is that I am doing Rising Star on Sundays every other day of the week Im in the studio. I'm a rainbow.  So Im just having my hair be a rainbow right now. Im going through all the colors of the rainbow because I feel like Im a rainbow, its my new thing.  I'm a rainbow.  Before I use to dress in a lot of black, and now I've let color into my life.  It's very metaphorical."
Popstop TV:
"Honestly, Im just working on stuff that makes me excited, and some of its really weird and some of its really pop, and some of its really not.  So I dont really know what the world's going to end up hearing, but I'm really happy because I'm exploring myself like I've never explored myself before."  In regards to collab with Zedd: "I dont know."
"I’ve been working on some music and it’s really fun and really different. That’s all that I want to give away. It, like, can borderline on trippy — a little different. I think people are going to trip out. Definitely not toned down, for sure not toned down. One song is about being madly in love, and just so sweet, and then telling the guy that, 'If you cheat on me I'll shoot you'."
Teen Vogue:
"I'm not going to be making a lullaby jazz record. My music will always have balls until I'm an 85-year-old crazy granny, so don't be worried about tha
t. I was writing a song called 'Child of the Moon' in the car before you got here. It has a Stevie Nicks-witchy vibe. I'm making songs that are really weird, and they make me happy again. That's what music should do."
“Right now [my new songs are] more dude-oriented, because I recently had this boy just be a total piece of sh–, douchebag piece of garbage [to me],” Ke$ha vented. He’s just a lying sack of sh–, balls, sh– -filled b—sack, he’s just a giant pair. And he has a tiny penis, and he sucks real bad, so I’m writing about that.  “I blocked him, because he was being such a f—ing psychopathic piece of garbage dogs—,” she said. “So I wrote a song called ‘F— You,’ but then that title was already taken , so ‘U Suck Ass’ is another title. It’s talking about fake orgasms every time I had sex with him, and how I pawned all the diamonds he bought me in Vegas and bought some Chanel earrings.”




happy halloween ❤️ thank u to everyone who has given me support over the past few weeks #truth

— kesha (@KeshaRose)

November 1, 2014


I've missed my animals! ❤️

— kesha (@KeshaRose)

November 1, 2014



Recent Looks











Working with HAIM
Working with producer Bob Ezrin (30 Seconds To Mars, Kiss, Pink Floyd)
New music to be 'coming very soon' via Keshas Street Team
Working with Zedd. Not working with Zedd at this time, according to his rep.
Working with Calvin Harris









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Post any relevant information/corrections about the album, or discussions about what you want the music to sound like, themes, etc. Ill keep the main post updated as news comes in.


I need help mainly with the timeline/getting dates right.  Any help is appreciated, and I figure this will cut down on a bunch of threads with the same information.

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edwinfg 9,009

YASS. LOOKS AWESOME. It's good to have all the information we have so far in one single note.

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mess at Brutus. I think it would be a cool name for an alternative song but because its about a bear im not sure its going to go past her show. 

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mess at Brutus. I think it would be a cool song for an alternative song but because its about a bear im not sure its going to go past her show. 

i thought she'd put new songs on the album. 

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Y'know, I hope she redoes 'Machine Gun Love' and finally record it in the studio and have it released or leaked!!!!

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Robert. 12,689

This thread is amazingly organized, props to you cry7 I'm not an Animal (yet :creep: ) but I'm so excited for her new look, single, album and performances cry1 I hope she sticks with the Wildflower/Kesha Rose theme and the trippy psychedelic music cry6

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I'm assuming Wolf Song and You Fucked With The Wrong Bitch are the same song orrrr...?

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Galaxy 2,387

I'm assuming Wolf Song and You Fucked With The Wrong Bitch are the same song orrrr...?




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Andrew 1,121

Great thread :legend:


This era is really shaping up to be flawless already oprah6.gif' alt='oprah4'>


She's gonna be on The Tonight Show on the 24th so maybe she'll mention something then!! (It's prob just Rising Star tho)

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You forgot about U Suck Ass.

She's gonna be on The Tonight Show on the 24th so maybe she'll mention something then!! (It's prob just Rising Star tho)

Some updates

Added relevant information to the OP.  Thank you  :hug:

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OMG yas1


You didn't include the most exciting part tho shock1


"She dished all about her new album and possible collab with@zedd! Interview dropping soon @PopStopTV"


I thought the Zedd collab was confirmed not true by his rep? :22:   Itll probably amount to Kesha saying something like 'Oh yea, Id work with him if it came up,' or something wishy-washy.  Guess we'll see.

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Andrew 1,121

I thought the Zedd collab was confirmed not true by his rep? :22:   Itll probably amount to Kesha saying something like 'Oh yea, Id work with him if it came up,' or something wishy-washy.  Guess we'll see.

Yeah that's what I'm thinking too dead2 probably just her dispelling that rumor. But maybe there'll be some other interesting deets :creep:

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