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Taylor Swift to make explosive VMA comeback

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Swift is planning an "explosive" performance for the Moonman extravaganza, one source said.
Exact details are being kept under wraps, but I do know that Swift will be hitting the stage by herself. "It's not a collaboration with another singer," the source said.
So will Taylor be debuting a new song? We sure hope so!

The ‘source’ doesn’t go into too much detail about what Swifto will be doing but does know, with 100% certainty, that it will be “explosive”.
Also, he/she is privy to the fact that it won’t feature another person.
“It’s not a collaboration with another singer,” the ‘source’ said.
So new single out the following day in America, out here a month later, album early October, bosh. This is the stuff Q3/Q4 dreams are made of.


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She always seems to know what's "in" right now, so it's interesting to see what direction she's going... I predict some midtempo "Dark Horse" style.


By the way, could it be possible that she's planning a surprise release like Beyonce? After that performance she could say '... and by the way, the album is available now on iTunes'.

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