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Things You didn't know about Blackout

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The selection for the first single had various steps:

1) In the spring of 2007, Sean Garrett said that one of the songs he produced for Britney was considered to be the first single, probably he spoke about "Toy Soldier".
2) Corte Ellis (one of the "Get Back" writers) confirmed, via twitter, in June 2007 that "Get Back" was originally thought as the first single from the album and that it would be release in September 2007
3) T-Pain has also confirmed in June 2007 that "Hot As Ice" was one of the competitors in the struggle as a potential first single.

- "Everybody" was originally intended for Rihanna's second album, but then Jonathan Rotem (producer of the song) decided to assign it to Britney, after he began to collaborate with her.
Also, after the song was introduced to her, Britney customized the lyrics, which was confirmed by the producer in an interview, but Britney never received the credit for the track.


- There is a rumor, that after Britney and J. Rotem had a thing, britney decided to take some song of of the blackout list, and she said the only one she liked was everyobody... some soureces say that britney recorded 6 or 7 tracks produced by J. Rotem

- The album was rumoured to be called "Black" or "Black Curtain" or even "Piece of Me" as confirmed also by Jive Records to refer to the project that ultimately was called "Blackout", understood as sending away the negativity (negativity (black) + away (out) = blackout).


- SonyBMG Germany has confirmed that "Break The Ice" was originally intended to be the second single from the album, through this press release: "The first single 'Gimme More' reached the top 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and after this record, Britney\'s label, the Jive Records, is ready to release the next single 'Break The Ice' (produced by Nate Hills) which it will be sent to the radios in mid-November".

- The instrumental of "Freakshow" was hearable even a year before of the release of "Blackout" in the official site of Bloodshy & Avant, but it has been unnoticed as nothing specified that it was destined to Britney.

- The model Caultor John, who plays a priest in some shots of the album\'s booklet, said in an interview that there were pictures of him and Britney shot during the photoshoot that were more extreme than the two proposed in the booklet. When he was asked about the photos, he said: "There was definitely chemistry between me and Britney on the set and those pictures were pretty good, because there were even some kisses".

- There was posibly a tour planned for "Blackout", which apparently had to start in October 2007. In fact, Robert Baker, owner of the Millennium Dance Studio, has confirmed that Britney & co. were taking the samples to search for dancers, male and female, to shoot the second video and start a mini tour. He also added that Britney had booked a considerable amount of space for the next two months to be able to work on new coreographies, which gave the serious impression of a tour.

- The Japanese version of "Blackout" is provided with a booklet for the lyrics which, strangely, altered the lyrics to "Piece Of Me". In the booklet, at the end of the song, the text concludes by saying: "And when the pieces will fit, you will get the real me". 
It's possible that the lyrics were originally structured in this way, or that the final version of the song was cut.

-The booklet also includes texts of a spoken intro by Keri Hilson in "Outta This World", which can be heard in the demo version of the song that appeared on the network.


-Out of this world was intended to be part of the main tracks of the album. but britney was very undecided if the track was right for the album or not, at the end she decided she wanted it to be but it was a little bit late, so thats why it's only an exlcusive track from Targe


-Out of this world original name was (A Song Abou You..)

- Originally, at the beginning of "Break The Ice", Britney said "can you take this?", but these voices can be heard only in a few remixes that apparently have mixed the whole demo track. One example is the "Wideboys Mix".
These remixes are official, but they have never been available on any of the CD singles and digital EP, probably because of the parties taht are not included in the official track.


- "Radar" was extracted as the fourth and final single from "Blackout" as a promotional single. Only in two countries (USA and Brazil) it was printed but just for a very short period of time beacuse of the forthcoming project of "Circus".

- "Break The Ice" was extracted as the third single, perhaps thanks to the votes of the fans on the official site.

- "Gimme More" and "Break The Ice" have nearly 30 official remixes each! 

- "Break The Ice" was not released in several countries, including Japan.

- "Piece f Me" was so successful that in Germany the single was reprinted in two limited editions (PT 1 and PT 2), making circulate 4 different issues of the single in the German stores. 

- It seems that the choice to use the same photo to create the official cover of "Blackout" and "Gimme More" and advertise Britney\'s presence at the MTV Video Music Awards 2007 was related to the lack of immediate and ready material by Jive Records that it decided to anticipate the release of all in the stores because of the excessive demo and leakes that circulated on the net that would have ruined the expectations for the album.

- "Blackout" is the first (and only, so far) album to have Britney herself as executive producer!

- Is believed that "Blackout" is one of the few Britney\'s works to not have an alternative cover, but it isn't. In 2007, shortly after the album's release in USA it was decided to respond to the criticism made from the fans for the album cover, to set out the album with the booklet reversed, in a way that the photo appeared in the cover was the back-booklet photo with the written \"BRITNEY SPEARS BLACKOUT\" on the side of the case. Unfortunately the project went ahead only in an American chain of market and in fact this is one of the rarest cd.

- The original title of "Haven On Heart" and "Ooh Ooh Baby" were possibly shortened. In August 2007, Kara DioGuardi (co-producer and co-author of both songs) said that two of her songs would appear in the new album of Britney Spears. And she also said: "I wrote and co-produced 'Ooh Baby' with Fredwreck and produced 'Heaven' with Freesha.\"

- "Hot As Ice" was officially titled \"Cold As Fire\", but the title was changed because it was one of the first demo to hit the net with the original title, (“Cold As Fire”). This was also confirmed by T-Pain, who wrote the song, in an interview.

- \"Blackout\" was to be re-published on June 17, 2008 with new material, taking advantage of the promotion of \"Radar\". The Spanish website ProMusic (which is related to many record labels) declared on December 24, 2007: \"A special edition of the last acclaimed album of Britney Spears, \'Blackout\' will be released! It will include the original album, plus 4 new tracks, remixes and a DVD on the production of the project. It will be released on June 17, 2008.\" 
The site said later (January 9, 2008) that the re-release of \"Blackout\" has been postponed to October 28, 2008. The producer Dallas Austin said in a chatroom (June 2008) that \"Blackout\" was about to be released before Britney\'s sixth album, but plans for this were skipped beacuse Britney\'s team decided to begin to focus on a brand newproject all over again in order to end permanently the \"Blackout\" era due to too much negativity... ironically the circus tour was mostly tracks from blackout

- "Radar" has been programmed to be the fourth single of the album. It should have been sent to the U.S. radios on June 24, 2008 but the release was canceled at the last minute, leaving only some promo. It was removed from All Access (a web site that shows the delivery dates of the songs to the radio) on June 4, 2008. In an e-mail addressed to a member of the Popjustice forum (June 11, 2008), a representative from Sony BMG Canada said: \"For now I have been informed in any way to remove the promotional CD of 'Rada' sent to radio and warn that the promotion of \'Blackout\' is finished\". The reason for this decision seems to have been linked to the desire of Britney and Jive to stop promoting an album so bad for her image that would soon be reborn with new material.
Is for this reason that we have had several sellers on ebay with tons of promotional cd of \"Radar\", because these officers after they retired the promotional discs, they kept them from the market and resold them profitably on the web.

- The sentence "It\s Britney bitch" was not planned in the original lyrics of "Gimme More", but Danja told Britney in the studio to do it as a joke and so, at the end, they decided to include it seriously.

- The "Gimme More" video is the most mysterious video of all the Britney's videography. The video officially released is all concentrated on one main scene where Britney dances the pole dance. But these scenes were only supposed to make up a few seconds of the original, it have been filmed many different scenes, which were mysteriously deleted. The reason for this is still unknown. On July 18, 2011 it was leakked an alternative version with some exclusive outtakes, but this is still nothing compared to all the other scenes filmed but not yet leakked.



- Here is a video about the real Gimmie More Music Video Idea or Concept


- Almost the most of \"Blackout\" was recorded in 2006, when Britney was pregnant with Jayden James. On November 14, 2006 the songs from the\"Blackout\" session recorded up to that point were:
01. \"Gimme More\" (Danja)
02. \"Pull Out\" (Danja & Lil\' Jon)
03. \"Break The Ice\" (Danja)
04. \"Outta This World\" (Danja)
05. \"Get Back\" (Danja)
06. \"Ooh Ooh Baby\" (Fredrick & Kara DioGuardi)
07. \"Catch Me If U Can\" (Danja)
08. \"Kiss Me All Over\" (Sean Garrett)
09. \"Everybody\" (J.R.)
10. \"Get Naked\" (Danja)
11. \"State Of Grace\" (Lisa Greene & Steve Anderson)
12. \"Cry\" (J.R. & Kara DioGuardi)
13. \"Downtown\" (J.R. & Britney Collaboration)
14. \"To Love, Let Go\" (Devo Springsteen: Track, Britney: Lyrics)
15. \"No One\" (Devo Springsteen: Track, Britney: Lyrics)
16. \"The Face\" (J.R. & Britney Collaboration)
17. \"Rebellion\" (?: Track, Britney: Lyrics) 

- In 2008 Bloodshy & Avant were interviewed on the work they had done with Britney. Beyond saying that they rejected names like Beyonce preferring to work with Britney (what I enjoy), they said about the "Blackout" sessions: "It's always been an unwritten law that no song should relate to Britney's life. We thought of doing a song of response to the song 'Cry Me A River' by Justin Timberlake. It would be nice if Britney had responded bluntly. The songs of response are a classic of the pop tradition. But nothing has happened, unfortunately". 
The same fate was about to happen with "Piece Of Me", but Britney wanted it so much and recorded it in very little time.


-Heaven On Earth was hard for britney to record it, due because at that time she broke up with Kevin, and she felt very lonely, still britney liked the song and reorded it, at the end of the song you can hear britney's voice kinda breaking beacuse she cried after she recorded it...

- The song \"Umbrella\" by Rihanna was destined for the album \"Blackout\". The producers The Dream, Christopher Stewart and Kuk Harrell wrote it thinking of Britney. But at the end Britney has refused the song and so the producers offered it to Rihanna.
Same fate for \"When I Grow Up\" by Pussycat Dolls. 


-Britney at that time had a came on the PCD music video when i grow up but it wasn't never confirmed why her cameo was deleted at last minute, some other sources said they didn't even film it


- No song from the Original Doll Project where part of blackout or even planed to be, most of the songs and material are from late 2005 - 2007


- There is a video with very short previews from the album... not of this songs made the last cut

(Love is a state of grace, Let Go, Baby Boy, Rebellion)




-very sources confirmed this is a Real demo from Get Back



- Rebelion and Baby Boy where the first tracks that laked from the Blackout Project

- "Cry"  and Get Back where rumoured to be performed at the 2007 MTV Video Music Award, as a medley with "Gimme More"


  • Blackout was set to debut at the top of the Billboard 200, but debuted at number two due to a last-minute rule change.


orginal source: http://britney-galaxy.com/universe/topic/6713-things-you-didnt-know-about-blackout/

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