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Is it just me or does like most music sound like pure shit nowadays?

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I don't get it



Like 2012-2013 there were plenty of bops on the radio and I could turn it on to find something I could totally jam to


Now all I hear when I turn on the radio is that reductive MAGIC! song

that Bang Bang trash that sounds dated and annoying as hell and actually has no meaning whatsoever

Problem (which is overplayed as fuck)


Did Cedric Gervais remix All of Me? dead7

flawless Chandelier cry4.gif' alt='cry3'>

Happy (which actually has the opposite effect on me)


like I'm just really confused by it all


everything coming from all my faves is so disappointing


Anaconda is straight trash and I'm actually appalled that Nicki even bothered to release it


Bang Bang is again trash1


This Is How We Do slays but my radio station wouldn't play it in a million years dead7


is the pop music industry in a stalemate like why does nothing sound good anymore


I haven't bought anything new on iTunes in like forever


everything is so unoriginal and more recycled than the beats on ARTPOP


idk maybe I'm just rambling 


anyway I'm back sass1

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2012 onwards have just been pure crap. Too much EDM which has become boring AF (idk about in the USA but here it's literally infecting the whole chart) or "indie" music with way too much reverb. Everything is just so predictable.

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no i think you're right. music has been going downhill for quite sometime now imo. it's like the same crap getting played over and over... nothing new or fresh. i think everyone is getting sick of this electronic pop genre or whatever

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Nope, it's not just you.


The past dozen years have been full of pure shit music.


The '90's:  The Last Great Decade isn't just the title of a National Geographic Channel documentary.  It's a fact.

I re-listen to a lot of songs I liked in that decade now with an adult POV. Lyrics meant something then. Now, it's mainly sonic effects.

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Nobody's doing anything particularly innovative at the moment. We need an infusion of new blood into the music industry through the development of new technology or the mainstreaming of a traditionally underground music style. I'd love it if radio started adopting dream pop or fully committed to nu-disco.

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