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Create a tracklist out of song lyrics.

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Britney Spears - Britney Spears - Early Mornin' made by S4

1. Late Last Night

2. Can't Be Like That

3. Come Here

4. We Can Make Plans

5. You Don't Want To Know

6. Shakin' My Ass

7. Just Walked In

8. (Don't Stop Till) The Early Mornin'

9. What the Hell

10. Let's Go

11. Dancefloor

12. Call All Your Boys

13. Do It Again

14. Light Your Fire

15. I Wanna Get With You

16. Come Over Here

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Woke Up in Heaven
The Other Side of Bliss
Meant to Be
Love is Taking Over
Tidal Wave
Our Universe
Feeling the Love
After the Love
Highest High
Good to Me

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While You Were Sleeping


The Place Where I Feel Safe

I Breathe

While You Were Sleeping


Nights Are Long




Don't Wait

Sticks And Stones

A Place For You

In My Heart


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ZAYN - sHe

1. Bright Lights

2. Somebody To Love

3. Hold Her

4. She Loves Me

5. Hold Me

6. In The Right Way

7. She Wants Somebody

8. Making Time Go Slow

9. Dance When It's Raining

10. Where the Crowd's At

11. Mouth Round a Cigarette

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Cake Like Lady Gaga


The Cake

1. Stuntin All Day

2. Private Plane

3. Diamond Ring

4. Fuck Your Life

5. Trick Bitch

6. Cake

8. Donatella

9. Sold Out

10. Snatch


The Life of Fame

11. Run The World

12. Burqa Swag

13. Hundred Million

14. Rich

15. Father

16. Mesh

17. Bad Bitch

18. Suck My Dick

 19. Foot High Heels

20. Meat

21. Like Lady Gaga

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Marilyn Manson

The Reflecting God


01. Burn And Coil

02. Ashes

03. Leeches

04. Feeling Cheated

05. A Dream Inside A Dream (Interlude)

06. Wide Awake The More I Sleep

07. Understand When I'm Dead

08. I Went To God Just To See/And I Was Looking At Me

09. When I'm God Everyone Dies

10. Feel My Power

11. Swords

12. Cut Away

13. Threat of Death

14. No Salvation, No Forgiveness (Interlude)

15. Shoot Motherfucker



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Madonna - Mer Girl

Crooked Old Mailbox

Noise and Silence


The Lady (That Never Talks)

The Forest


Black Sky


I Cursed the Angels

Burning Flesh

Looking for Me

Forgotten Names


Still Running Away

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Kesha - Hungover

1. Sun is Rising

2. Back Home

3. So Many Faces

4. Can't Fight It

5. Numb

6. Dark

7. Party's Over

8. Everyone Is Gone

9. Heart Is Broken

10. Like You

11. Hungover

12. Put Up My Fight

13. This is It

14. Trying to Pretend

15. The End

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01. Midnight Falls
02. Life Through a Window
03. Like a Religion
04. Never Ask for More
05. Stumble and Fall
06. Someone Like Me
07. Life Like This
08. Slipping Back Into the Past
09. Into My Mirror
10. Everyone Falls
11. Trick of It All
12. Runaway Dreams

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Michael Jackson - Is It Scary

Performance Start (Intro)


Dancing in the Night

Lonely Heart


Grotesque (Interlude)

The Beast


The Evil One

Like a Mirror

Walls (Interlude)

In the Air



Restless Souls

Am I Scary for You? (Outro)

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