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Create a tracklist out of song lyrics.

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Cascada- Everytime we Touch


1. I Still Hear Your Voice

2. When You Sleep Next To Me

3. Forgive Me 

4. Without You

5. My Weakness

6. (It’s Hard To) Survive

7. I Get This Feeling

8. Fly

9. Can’t You Feel My Heart!

10. Want this to Last

11. My Shadow

12. The Good and The Bad Times

13. I’m Yours


Cascada- Evacuate the Dancefloor


1. Out on the Floor

2. Watch Me

3. I Never Miss A Beat

4. Kill the Lights

5. Infected

6. The Sound

7. Stop

8. This Beat is Killing Me

9. Intoxicate

10. Feel the Club is Heating Up

11. Push it to the top


Cascada- Because the Night


1. Take Me Now

2. Hold me Close

3. Desire

4. Love is a Banquet

5. Can’t Hurt you Now

6. The Night

7. Because

8. It Belongs to Us


10. Have a Doubt

11. Love is a Ring

11. Disguised

12. ‘Til Morning Comes

13. As the Sun Descends


Cascada- Madness


1. Let Me

2. Message

3. The Reason

4. Crazy Dreams

5. Making All The Sense

6. This Mess

7. Look How Far We Made It

8. Party Music

9. Through

10. Perfect 

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Standard Deluxe
Sit and Watch Sit and Watch
Silence Silence
Space Space
In Between In Between
Every Breath Grim Serenity
Crave Every Breath
Slip Away Crave
Poison Surrender
Try to Sleep Medicate/Sedate
Waste of Space and Air Slip Away
Could Not Let Go Poison
Clarity Here with Me
Wake Me When it's Over Try to Sleep
Believe Waste of Space and Air
  Could Not Let Go
  Wake Me When it's Over
  The Walls Between Us
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1) Big City Lights

2) Uptight

3) Close My Eyes

4) Everything In Moderation

5) Game of Life

6) 365 Days

7) (I Think I'm Bored of Being) So Careful

8) Roulette

9) My Love's a Bullet

10) Ignore These Thoughts

11) Drop a Pin

12) Roll The Dice




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Like Moths to Flames

"Empty the Same"


  1. Meant to Break
  2. Spent
  3. Another Mistake
  4. Alone
  5. Into the Air
  6. Underneath My Problems
  7. In Time You'll See
  8. Decay
  9. All We Got Was Rain
  10. On My Mind
  11. (I Know it Feels Like) I Just Left You to Die
  12. Gone
  13. Make This Right
  14. Free
  15. Did I Lose Your Faith
  16. The One to Blame
  17. Empty the Same
  18. Consumed
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Shawn Mendes- in My Blood

1. Help Me

2. Caving In

3. Crawling In My Skin

4. Giving Up

5. In My Blood

6. Anxious

7. I Hate This

8. Is There Somebody

9. Strong Enough

10. I Need Somebody Now



Shawn Mendes- Lost In Japan

1. One Flight

2. Timeline

3. Rainbows

4. Fly

5.. Can't Get You of My Mind

6. Feel The Tension

7. Cut It

8. Just A Friendship

9. Leave

10. Hundred Miles

11. Your Hotel

12. Lost In Your Paradise

13. Let's Get Lost



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Kelly Clarkson

Tell Me a Lie

  1. Get it Right
  2. Try
  3. Words (Cut Like Knives)
  4. Break My Heart
  5. Tell Me
  6. Kiss
  7. Lie
  8. Every Time
  9. Take What's Left
  10. Listen
  11. What You're Missing
  12. The Reason
  13. Leaving Me Tonight


*deluxe edition

  1. Get it Right
  2. Try
  3. Words (Cut Like Knives)
  4. Break My Heart
  5. Tell Me
  6. Kiss
  7. The Reason
  8. Spare Me What You Think*
  9. Every Time
  10. There Must Have Been a Time*
  11. Take What's Left
  12. Listen
  13. What You're Missing
  14. Lie
  15. You Need Your Distance*
  16. Leaving Me Tonight
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Mariah Carey - Faded

1. Overcast

2. Some Kind of Way

3. Reaching for You

4. I Can't Forget

5. Faded

6. Echo

7. You're Not Here

8. So Intangible

9. Back to Life

10. Continue to Subside

11. Roller Coaster

12. Subconsciously

13. Always Somewhere

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Charli XCX - After The Afterparty

1. A Thousand Lips

2. Do It All Again

3. Studio 54 

4. 4AM

5. Never Too Late

6. Glitter 

7. Folks Outta Town

8. Clap

9. Ice Cream For Dinner

10. After the Afterparty (Ft. Lil Yachty)

11. Plastic Cup

12. Bring on The Encore


Kim Petras - Hillside Boys

1. Champagne

2. Hard To Deny

3. Summer Is Done (So Are We)

4. Silhouette

5. Hillside Boys

6. Sparkle

7. Eau De Parfum

8. Carry On

9. Why Do I Try?

10. Call My Name

11. Don't Know What I Want

12. Final Breath 

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Madonna - Rain

1. Love's coming down

2. Wash away my sorrow

3. Take the Time

4. Feel it

5. Dream of You

6. Thunder

7. Until I hear you call

8. Take away my pain

9. Mountain

10. Surrender to me

11. My words

12. Perfect sky

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Image result for escape the fate logo


  1. Gun to My Head
  2. Trigger
  3. Blood
  4. Waiting
  5. Desire
  6. Set My Love on Fire
  7. Heaven
  8. She Gives Me Hell
  9. Bang Bang
  10. Control Myself
  11. Down on My Knees
  12. Praying
  13. You Cannot Kill
  14. Let it Burn



Live Fast, Die Beautiful



  1. Cigarrettes
  2. Burning Holes
  3. Marilyn Monroe
  4. Did Mommy Not Care Enough
  5. Million Stories
  6. Live Fast, Die Beautiful
  7. Walk Away
  8. Your Time is Over
  9. Threw it All Away
  10. You're Getting Nowhere (Trying to Use My Fame)
  11. Hollywood Dreams
  12. Dreaming
  13. (Everything I See Here is) Fake
  14. Give it Up
  15. Roll the Dice



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