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Create a tracklist out of song lyrics.

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Chun Li


1. Ayo 

2. Swim 

3. Off the bench 

4. Haterade 

5. I been on 

6. Fendi prints on 

7. Bad Guy 

8. King Kong 

9. Drop the Benz 

10. Sky High

11. Pop shit 

12. Chop sticks

13. Fuck the gossip 

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Light the Torch




  1. An Ocean Between Us
  2. Give Up the Ghost
  3. Constant Obsession
  4. Before My Eyes
  5. Perfect Deception
  6. Remains the Same
  7. Take This Blade and Release Me
  8. No Way to Live
  9. Breathe Again
  10. Around Me
  11. Forever Won't Be Far Behind
  12. Hear Me
  13. Virus
  14. The Way That You Move Me
  15. Tear the Veil






Light the Torch

The  Great Divide

  1. Silence
  2. The Air We Breathe
  3. Never
  4. This Could Be the End of Us
  5. Don't Follow
  6. Inside My Hands
  7. The Light That's Behind Your Eyes
  8. In the Dark
  9. Gods I Never Served
  10. Wake of Rust
  11. Prophecy
  12. From the Start
  13. Building Wall Just to Watch You Break Them Down


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EXO : Love Shot

(using the English translation cos 90% of it is Korean)

  1. Aiming
  2. Voice with a Sharp Edge
  3. Suffocating
  4. Thirsty
  5. Twisted Love
  6. Beautiful Memories
  7. Where is Love?
  8. Eyes
  9. Too Much Ego
  10. Lift it Up
  11. Frozen
  12. You and I
  13. Flickering Heart
  14. Love Shot
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