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Beyonces medical History leaked

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A nurse at an exclusive LA medical clinic spilled hot piping tea

hello everyone im new here sorry if i get some things wrongs and im a bit nervous about doing this im not really one to gossip but this site has turned me into one.
Anyways i work in LA at a medical center we usually have celebrity clients but they put themselves under different name when they visit to hide their activities from intrusive media,however today i thought id share with you beyonces information about her 2 abortions she had at our clinic(im not sure if shes had other ones in different places ill just tell you about what shes done at the one i work at).
She was very nice and polite but i always thought she would be more confident however she had a very shy demure about her that came of very sweet and sincere. She only uses us for our sexual health department as Jay refuses to uses protection even though she has suspicion his sleeping around. Luckily the only thing shes every contracted was crabs that can easily be treated in the early stages but she did complain about the itching that distracted her on stage.
My boss is very shady when it comes to celebrity clients as he "loses" files on them after they make a big donations funny that..im spilling this as must of us don't like him and he would never know who this is.
Back to the juicy details about her..The first abortion that she had was that she was drinking heavily in the early stages after being diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome ,she was very upset but Jay didn't seem to care.The latest one she had Jay forced her into due to their On The Run tour he was very desperate to make sure they came out on top and convinced her to give up and promised her a normal quite life after the tour (she said shell have a full pregnancy after the tour ).
I hope i quenched y'all thirst for tea and i can confirm shes a very nice woman even better looking in person but sometimes came in looking VERY tired.
tina1  fall4
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