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If Beyonce(the singer) Couldn't strip dance..

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if beyonce didnt have coordinated seizures on stage do guys think shed be as successful?


because lets be honest lyrics to her songs are  um3  stale,predictive and ghetto.

her videos and music havent evolved at all lets be honest...

take away her walmart rented blonde wig she super glued on her bald head 


why has always got it blonde??like is she ashemed of having black hair?(but doesnt take care of her adoped daughter hair) um2


one of her songs on her rihanna inspired album she preaches about being yourself and loving yourself the way your are but then she poorly photoshops pictures of herself 



back to the point of the question ,if beyawnce couldnt dance would she be as "successful" as she is now? 



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So many points to make here oprah12


1. She doesn't have coordinated seizures. If you don't like her dancing that's one thing, but don't deny her talent. She dances better than the other pop girls her age (Katy, Gaga, Rihanna, Britney, etc)


2. Lyrics are, again, your opinion. On her last album she showed even more diversity in her lyrics, talking about issues such as post-natal depression, body image, and marital problems.


3. Her music and videos have CLEARLY evolved. The videos from her last album are a huge evolution for her (Pretty Hurts, Haunted, Mine), and musically her last album also experimented with new sounds. 4 was also a departure for her in terms of sound and brought her to a more minimalist sound.


4. I don't see why you're concerning yourself with her hair.......


5. The fact that you called her last album a Rihanna inspired album is fucking ridiculous fall1 it is nothing like a Rihanna album. No shade to Rihanna cause she does her own thing and does it well, but her personal album was Rated R and it was nothing like Beyonce.


6. No matter how much celebrities preach about self love, they still have photoshopped pictures because they're insecure and need to keep up an image. It's not right, but that's just how it is. Again, not the biggest issue so you shouldn't concern yourself with it.


You're welcome not to like her, but to outright deny her talent and evolution is ridiculous. It would be like me saying Rihanna hasn't changed from Pon de Replay to Diamonds.

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