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Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

Track listening:


2.Throw Your Hands Up

3.Back & Forth

4.Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

5.Down with the Clique

6.At Your Best (You Are Love)

7.No One Knows How to Love Me Quite Like You Do

8.I'm So into You

9.Street Thing

10.Young Nation

11.Old School

12.I'm Down.

13.The Thing I Like

14.Back & Forth (Mr. Lee & R. Kelly's Remix)


One in a Million

Track listening:

1.Beats 4 da Streets (Intro) (featuring Missy Elliott)

2.Hot Like Fire

2.One in a Million

4.A Girl Like You (featuring Treach)

5.If Your Girl Only Knew

6.Choosey Lover (Old School/New School)

7.Got to Give It Up  (featuring Slick Rick)

8.4 Page Letter

9.Everything's Gonna Be Alright

10.Giving You More

11.I Gotcha' Back

12.Never Givin' Up (featuring Tavarius Polk)


14.Never Comin' Back

15.Ladies in da House (featuring Missy Elliott & Timbaland)

16.The One I Gave My Heart To

17.Came to Give Love (Outro) (featuring Timbaland)

18.No Days Go By

19.One in a Million (Timbaland remix) featuring Ginuwine)

20.Death of a Playa (featuring Rashad)



Track listening:

1.We Need a Resolution (featuring Timbaland)

2.Loose Rap (featuring Static)

3.Rock the Boat

4.More Than a Woman

5.Never No More

6.I Care 4 U

7.Extra Smooth

8.Read Between the Lines

9.U Got Nerve

10.I Refuse

11.It's Whatever

12.I Can Be

13.Those Were the Days

14.What If

15.Messed Up (hidden track)

16.Try Again


I Care 4 U

Track listening:

1.Don't Know What to Tell Ya

2.All I Need

3.Miss You

4.Don't Worry

5.Come Over (featuring Tank)

6.Erica Kane

7.Got to Give It Up (Remix)


 Romeo Must Die: The Album

Track listening

1.Come Back in One Piece (Aaliyah featuring DMX)

2.Are You Feelin' Me?

3.I Don't Wanna


Anastasia: Music from the Motion Picture

Track listening:

1.Journey to the Past


Dr. Dolittle

Track listening:

1.Are You That Somebody?


Sunset Park

Track listening:

1.Are You Ready?

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Isn't "Age Ain't Nothin But a Number" about her marrying R Kelly at 15?

I love her so much 

She at least deserved a Grammy for her self titled album though 

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