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On 11/4/2016 at 3:06 PM, Hunty Bear said:

didn't even have expectations but I was still extremely underwhelmed! I'm so sick of her fucking trying it with this #woke shit trying to emulate a bargain bin version of KFC drums when she consciously KNOWS she's a basic bitch dskjf ahs1scream1 I'm not saying she's best when she's full-on pop but it really speaks volumes that her best singles this past year were her most commercially-oriented singles 

anyways the only songs that stuck out to me were Company, Soul Glitch, Party Favors, Ride of Your Life, and Touch Pass I guess :/


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Just now, Hunty Bear said:




5 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

hope Company's video slays! song grew on me a lot jj2 


5 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

omg I'm so embarrassed that I even namedropped Old Bitch as one of the highlights



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1 hour ago, Woolridge said:

I heard about Tinashe a few times on this forum so today I listened to her new song Flame, I didn't know about her or her music before but I think that song is actually really good. I like her voice too, I think I am going to listen to her albums on Spotify today and see if I like her other songs too.

You better stan her alex1

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8 minutes ago, Sylk said:

I'm a new stan can someone explain what happened to Joyride? @Royale get in here sia3 

I don't have more informations than you at this point tbh!

She was supposed to release the album way before, however the label couldn't/wouldn't let her release probably because they expected her to get a hit; so to make her fans wait, she has released Nightride (with Company) & Flame  shrug1

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Joyride should've been released in 2015 with Player as the lead single.I think she leaked Party Favors before it. Joyride was pushed back many times. They released the new lead single Superlove in July 2016 and in September 2016 Company came out. 2 months later she dropped a digital album called Nightride. Right now we know that Nightride & Joyride are a double album with Flame as the new lead single from Joyride. Joyride should come at the end of this summer or early fall.

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