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Miley Cyrus is a better singer than Ariana

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In all seriousness, so many people doubt Miley but she is a great singer. She even wanted the Bangerz tour to show that. Ariana used to be great but her performances in the last year have been somewhat shit; see Break Free's messy intro and getting outsung by Jessie at the VMAs. Her performance of Tattooed Heart is still great but it seems so long ago, like her vocals suddenly weakened this year. Also Miley as an artist and performer will also always be superior. 

She's been singing all year doing interviews back to back without resting her voice. Break free isn't a good song for her to sing live anyways cause she has to sing in her lower register which is shit... 

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I don't get why flops on here keep trashing her when she's probably the only female star that's got her shit right, if anyone bothered watching the interview that goes with the performance, you'll be exposed to how sensible and beautiful her personality is.


That and her material vocals & tour put to shame everyone of the faves on here

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